Monday, March 9, 2009

Miami FC to decide if they play 2009 season this week, plus Miami Ultra's Soccer-A-Thon pictures

This morning I woke up sore, sun burnt and dehydrated. All these are the consequences of participating in a 24 hour Soccer-A-Thon organized by the Miami Ultras in their quest to save Miami FC . I didn't play all 24-hours, maybe I played six, but I've got to give credit to Pieter Brown and Julio Caballero for sticking it out and organizing this event, not to mention the rest of the Miami Ultras and fans that showed up.

For those that didn't attend you missed out playing with Miami FC staff, including Brazilian Captain and World Cup Champion in 1994 Zinho, current Miami FC coach who even though suffering from an injury scored at least 3 goals and set up numerous others. Another notable attendee was one time Miami Fusion player Diego Serna who spoke to Miami FC staff (We hope to see him sign on for the team!)

Miami FC staff present stated that sometime this week we should know if the "Blues" will play this season. Traffic Sports, owners of the club had set a 5,000 season ticket goal for the Miami FC staff and are working diligently to get to those numbers.

Miami fans, we urge you to go to the Miami FC site and purchase your season tickets to ensure Miami has professional Soccer in the years to come.

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For more pictures of the event go to:
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All pictures provided by Victor Palkaninec


Anonymous said...

Great job Miami Ultras!! You show that in Miami you do care for soccer.

Anonymous said...

Great work Miami Ultras. I hope Miami FC is grateful for all hard work and dedication. you guys did.adsdgib

Anonymous said...

Serna wa there? He was one of my favorite Fusion players. A shame he didn't play for us last year, his goals could have gotten us into the Playoffs, I'm sure.

Uncle Ed said...

Apparently Diego Serna spoke to some of the Miami FC staff. He would be good to attract some of the old Miami Fusion fans. Miami FC needs to have a symbol player and Serna would be ideal.

Anonymous said...

If I was still there I would have gone. How often do you go to Miami FC games Ed?

Burrito said...

Burrito tried to sneak in to every game butt kept getting caught by security!
Burrito think this year he will be successful if team survive =(