Monday, March 2, 2009

Calling all Miami Soccer Fans! Miami FC needs your help!

In an effort to save our only professional Soccer team the Miami Ultras fan club and Miami FC are organizing a 24 Hour Soccer-a-thon!

Taken from the Miami Ultra's site: "We are organizing an amazing event to help Miami FC, the 24 Hour Soccer-a-Thon. Miami FC and the Miami Ultras are coming together to save pro soccer in Miami. We will bring massive amounts of exposure to Miami FC and pro soccer in general. This event promises to be historical. We will be playing soccer for 24 hours straight and you need to be a part of this.

We will have Ultras, Miami FC pro and youth players, celebrities, journalists and much more. We plan on having an auction of signed memorabilia as well. Everybody will have an opportunity to buy Miami FC 2009 season tickets at the event if you have not done so already.

Save this date on your calendar, March 7. Time and location is still being worked out. We need a lot of players so we can rotate in and out so that we don’t kill ourselves. Come as a player or come as a fan. Just be there!

Once in awhile something comes along that you wish you had been a part of. This is that time! Don’t miss this great chance to show the world that Miami is the place for soccer. Where the fan cares about his or her local club. Don’t be that person that says “I wish I could have done something to Save Pro Soccer in Miami”. You can save soccer and as Ultras it’s our duty."

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Anonymous said...

I want to play in Burrito team.

Ed we need some good Miami FCB news.