Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ronaldo's ex makes naughty movies! by Burrito

Hola Amigos!
Burrito see no good informations today about Major League Soccer, Barcelona or Miami FC so decided to look for Futbol related porn!

And what does Burrito find? Our amigo Ronaldo, the gordo, curly hairs one who half sex with Transvestite... remember him? Si? Well that vato have a hot mamacita for girlfriends who now does porn! Ay Virgen santisima!

Her name is ViVi Brunieri, aka Ronaldinha, an she star of porn movies.
Not much Burrito find on Vivi Brunieri except that we know that she is a former girlfriend of that pinche Ronaldo. She did pose for Playboy back in January 1998 with another former girlfriend of Ronaldo, Nádia Franca! Chingada madre!

Burrito no bore you no more with stupit writings, here is link, pero watch out! Not for minors this is XXX stuff. Burrito No responsible if you clicks!


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah!

Anonymous said...

You bastard, everybody in the whole world knows he had no sex with trannies but unfortunately the truth doesn't care for such stupid and polemic persons like you!!!
I feel with your mother!!!