Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MLS Philadelphia has picked a name...

According to the Weekly Sports League and Franchise Report Major League Soccer's Philadelphia expansion franchise that is expected to start play in 2010 has ended its name-the-team contest and plans to announce the team's name next month.

The voting that began Jan. 19 at http://www.philly.com/ and at http://www.mlsphilly2010.com/ ended Feb 6.

Nicknames to choose from included:
* SC Philadelphia - SC could stand for Soccer Club or Sport Club as some other teams have used but I'd rather they call it FC for Football Club.
* Philadelphia AC or AC Philadelphia - AC could stand for Athletic Club kind of like AC Milan. Though I think it means Associazione Calcio
* Philadelphia City - Kinda like Manchester City
* Philadelphia Union - The more original of the bunch and my favorite.
In the end Philadelphia could only blame themselves if they don't like any of the names since they had the final say.
Miami better learn from Philly and vote for a good name. Everyone is criticizing the idea of the Barcelona name. I'll just be happy we get a team!

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