Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Miami FC to fold in two weeks if ticket sales remain low.

According to the Miami Herald : In the course of a week, Miami has gone from the prospect of juggling two professional soccer teams to confronting a future with none.
Scary to think that Miami could end up without any Professional Soccer once again... but the truth is Miami FC has received little support in the few years it has had in existence. Even efforts by Traffic Sports, Owners of the club, to bring in an aging Romario who entertained with his scoring ability and footwork was not enough to materialize larger numbers at the gate. The Herald reports Miami FC averaged about 2,000 fans per game in 2008. Clearly those numbers are too low to keep this team alive.
Supporters groups such as the Miami Ultras have done their part but the community needs to rally and support this team. Right now it is all we have. Should the Barcelona Miami bid fall , which I doubt, but should it fall, then losing this already established team would seal our fate for another decade, at least. Traffic Sports has given Miami FC two weeks to prove it can get season ticket sales up to an unrealistic 5,000. If not, ownership will pull the plug. This only weeks before the start of the season.

I urge all soccer fans in Miami to support this team by pledging for season tickets. please go to Miami FC or join the Miami Ultras.

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