Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miami FC sells 700 Season Tickets in 1 hour

Efforts to save USL side Miami FC has begun after a meeting yesterday announcing the teams possible demise led a group of supporters to shell out 700 season tickets in 1 hour.

The following was taken from the teams site:

Miami FC held an emergency meeting last night at the Marriott Miami Airport Hotel to discuss the future of professional soccer in South Florida. Given the latest news that FC Barcelona was reevaluating its bid for an MLS expansion team that would be based in Miami, Traffic Sports, Miami FC’s ownership group, decided that immediate action must be taken in an effort to ensure that Miami FC plays in 2009 irrespective of the ultimate outcome of the MLS bid. Aaron Davidson, Vice President of Traffic Sports USA and President of Miami FC,discussed the state of professional soccer in South Florida and Traffic Sports USA’s overall desire to ensure the continuity of pro soccer in the area. However, he explained that due to a combination of disappointing support in the first three seasons and the Miami MLS bid, Traffic Sports has given the team a deadline of March 8th to demonstrate that South Florida truly cares about pro soccer.
Mr. Davidson stated that Traffic Sports was seeking both qualitative and quantitative proof of support including a target of 5,000 season tickets. The attendees immediately responded by committing to 700 tickets, letters of support and numerous promotional and sales initiatives.
“Due to the MLS bid and our ongoing discussions with Marcelo Claure and Barcelona (MLS applicants) regarding a possible partnership, Traffic/Miami FC have delayed many decisions regarding the 2009 USL-1 season. Accordingly, we must now ramp up faster than ever to secure the necessary ticket sales and sponsorship base to make the 2009 season a reality. With this in mind, we reached out to the local community to rally South Florida behind Miami FC and soccer at the professional level. We are confident that through this unprecedented community team effort we will: 1) unite South Florida around the world’s number one sport – soccer; 2) guarantee that Miami FC plays in 2009 positioning “our” team/market for growth during this fourth season and beyond; and 3) show the world that South Florida truly is a great place for professional soccer and soccer at all levels,” said Aaron Davidson.“Losing Miami as a soccer base will affect not only Miami, but Florida, and the south region for soccer. It is from Miami that we need to express that the loss of Miami FC will doom soccer in this area for a long time to come,” stated Steve McCrath, head coach of Barry University men’s soccer. “This may be the last chance to save professional soccer in South Florida. It’s nice to see that Miami FC is being proactive in keeping professional soccer in South Florida. I hope that these efforts will not be in vain. MLS coming back is a dream but it’s not a reality yet,” commented Munga Eketebi, FIU’s men’s soccer head coach.
“I strongly believe that if Miami FC leaves our town, we will be without any kind of professional soccer here for a very long time. Some of you may say, well, USL is not a premier soccer league, the MLS is better, but have you seen USL’s Montreal and Puerto Rico in CONCACAF Champions League? We do not have the MLS here and after reading the Miami Herald on Friday I am not too sure if we will see the MLS here anytime soon. So support what we have,” commented Marino Torrens, FYSA Regional A VP.”
“It is time to see if we love and cherish the sport, or if we only like it as a hobby. Turning our back on Miami FC may very well mean that in the future everyone including MLS will turn their back on us,” expressed Victor Pastora, Director of Player Development, Kendall Soccer Coalition.
“To remain a complete soccer community here in South Florida we need the leadership of a professional soccer franchise. Working together is the best way to have one,” said Tom Mulroy, President of Se Habla Fútbol and longtime organizer of Copa Latina.
Help keep professional soccer alive in South Florida and rally behind your Miami FC! Reserve your season tickets now for only $200 for adults ($100 deposit) and $100 for children and students ($50 deposit). To purchase tickets and for more information, go to, call 305-728-2633 or e-mail

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Burrito said...

Burrito sell chickens and hubcaps to make deposits for Miami FC tickets!
Peoples need to selll their souls or somethings so team can survives!
BUY SEASON tickets or Burrito hurt you with quesadillas!
Viva Miami FC!
Vamos Barcelona Miami!