Friday, February 13, 2009

A look at Barcelona Miami's FIU Stadium, Mi casa, su casa by Burrito

Hola Miami and the worlds! Burrito know Miami will get it's MLS team an we Miami Fans only wait for el Senor Garber to finally say it's okeydokey. So Burrito say "Burrito, People need to no about the stadium" so here is some information about the new home of Barcelona Miami (or whatever the chingados they call the team.)
FIU Stadium aka "The Cage" seats about 20,000 vatos right now. it have 1,400 club seats( for the rich peoples) and have a 6,500 square-foot Stadium Club. FIU (Florida International University) Plans to expand the Stadium to 45,000 by 2012 so its going to be muy bonito and grande!
The only thing Burrito no like is that there is going to be turf and no grass like Burrito would like. Pero beggars can't be choosers so as long as Miami get MLS back it no matter!

Burrito ax all you Vatos to go to Barcelona Miami website an sign up as fan or break piggy bank and put deposits for season tickets!
You carnales can also go to the Miami Ultras site and join them! They nice people!
For doing this please leave comment and Burrito send you quesadillas!
Here is video of Stadium, a viejito come out talking but ignore him and look at stadium.

Vamos Barcelona Miami 2010!


Ted Cikowski said...

Man, don't hate me, but to be honest I don't like the stadium at all. It's all bleachers? It's not as nice as the new stadiums the Fire, RSL, Galaxy have and that new Red Bull New York stadium looks fantastic. Not to mention that FIU's stadium has turf which I have already complained about in various places. But it's probably a tad better than Lockhard I guess and will be much closer for you.

Ted said...

Lockhart....not lockhard....sorry