Thursday, February 19, 2009

David Beckham vs Alex Rodriguez, I'm tired of both!

I don't know about you guys but I'm sick of both A-Rod and Becks. Too many stories, blogs and rants. Enough information every day for anyone in their right mind to lose it and go postal!
But since everyone is doing it... I figured, why not? Don't hate me.

The U.S. sports focus has been on Baseball star Alex Rodriguez and his Steroid use. But the rest of the world doesn't seem to care. The big news is David Beckham wanting to stay with AC Milan.
One of the most credible News sources... The Onion pokes fun at Soccer all the time, going as far as classifying it under "Women's Sports / Soccer".

Here is their latest gem:

Terrible Sports Editor Wants To Lead With Beckham, AC Milan Story
PHOENIX—Lousy Arizona Ledger weekly sports section editor Gene Crewdson "went with his [idiotic] gut" once again Thursday, deciding to ignore what may be the biggest steroid scandal yet and lead with David Beckham's decision to leave the U.S. and play for AC Milan. "'Beckham Bends It Back Overseas' is our story, boys," Crewdson said to his staff of writers, all of whom stared back at him, mouths agape, for nearly a minute. "Big-name celebrity doing controversial big-time things with a big color picture on the cover. Soccer's the sport of the future. This is obviously what we run with." When gently reminded of recent baseball news, Crewdson responded that nobody cares about steroids anymore, it's not baseball season, and in this economy you do not want to risk missing the big story.

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