Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Italian League to experiment with the Orange Card... Yes, the Orange Card!

Italian Soccer will test out the Orange Card in it's league according to 20minutos.es

This card will actually expel the player for a few minutes off the field giving the opposing team a momentary advantage. I guess it will kind of be like Hockey.

Pierluigi Collina, who some of you may remember a few years back as the bald ref who was considered the best in the world, and the International Football Association Board (IFAB), organization within FIFA that regulates the rules of this sport will study implementing this rule this coming February 28 in Manchester.

The idea was brought on by the Northern Ireland Federation who set out to find a solution for infractions where the red card would be too severe and the yellow too weak of a punishment.

The Italian League is also looking into the possibility of the double Referee. They seem willing to try anything.

If any League should be the testing ground for these experiments it should be Major League Soccer, I mean we used to have the shoot out for christ sakes!


kovo said...

The orange card is an interesting concept. It might be a good thing for the beautiful game.


Ted Cikowski said...

Ronaldo for united is a cheat, he's earned a few orange cards today in my opinion.

Uncle Ed said...

Diving should be Orange carded.
The Orange Card punishment should be atleast 5 minutes!