Thursday, February 12, 2009

MLS confirms Barcelona Miami would start playing in 2010

MLS Commissioner Don Garber confirmed that Miami will begin playing in 2010 according to Greg Lalas of

Garber states: "Barcelona and Miami, in partnership with Marcelo Claure, are focused on 2010," he said Wednesday at a press event in Columbus, Ohio. "If Miami gets a franchise, they’ll be starting in the 2010 season."

Now MLS claims they will make an announcement on the two winning bids next month, around the time the 2009 MLS season kicks off on March 19.

The favorite is clearly Miami with Vancouver and Portland fighting over the remaining slot. St Louis and Ottawa have an outside chance as Garber continued with the following:

"St. Louis is making good progress," he said. "I have some meetings with their ownership group later today and a potential partner they’ve brought in on the corporate side. They continue to be very active, and as I’ve said before, we’d love to have a team in St. Louis."

"We can’t go to Ottawa or any other city unless we have the appropriate venue," Garber said. "The venue Eugene Melnyk is proposing, they’ve got a really good shot for a team. But without a stadium, they’d never have a shot at all.

I don't know about the rest of you Miami fans but I'm getting ready to break my piggy bank for my season tickets! All Miami fans should go to the Miami FCB site and reserve your season tickets!


Burrito said...

Only thing that make Burrito Happy is this. After the pinches gringos beat Mexico Burrito cry!
Barcelona Miami 2010! Ahuevo!

Anonymous said...

Vamos Gaber come out with the Miami announcement.