Monday, March 30, 2009

In your face America and the World! Miami FC all over TV! By Burrito

After Burrito see Mexico give it to the Ticos. (Los chingamos 2-0!) Burrito decide to see the USA vs El Salvador game and then Burrito almost choke on quesadilla! Everywheres Burrito look he see Traffic Sports and Miami FC!
Burrito think Aaron Davidson, presidente of Miami FC is smartest man since Pancho Villa escape the pinches gringos!
Not only did the signs reach all American fans but all the putos of this world see how chingon Miami FC will be this year!

Check out video and you see the signs! (Try to Ignore JP and John Harkes)

What you vatos think of that?
Answer Burrito damn it! Now the Blues going to win USL and then win CONCACAF Champions and then we take the world!

P.S. Someone please shoot John Harkes por favor! JK!


Anonymous said...

JP is a good announcer, one of the few decent Americans. Ray Hudson is great too, do you have GolTV?

Burrito said...

JP is soso, el pinche John Harkes get on Burritos nerves.
Ray Hudson is like Diosito and the Virgen de Guadalupe combined carnal!
Burrito can't afford cable vato.