Friday, April 17, 2009

Miami FC offers free tickets to games! Read all about it!

Listen to this Miami FC Fans!
I was listening to WQAM 560 tonight (Thursday) during the "DA Show" and Ignacio Rodriguez-Argote of Miami FC came out saying Miami FC are giving away free tickets to whoever writes them an email to:
On the subject put "DA Show Special" you need to say which game you want to see and you get 2 tickets FREE!

Hurry, this will not last very long! Listen to the podcast below for the complete show! Support "DA's show" he loves Soccer.

Don't forget this Saturday April 18th at 8 pm Miami FC vs Cleveland City Stars at Lockhart Stadium! Get your tickets at buy your tickets at the North end of the stadium.
Vamos Miami FC!


Anonymous said...

Great to soccer talk on sport radio.

Anonymous said...

Great job!!!

ERic said...

Nice to get the soccer on sports talk radio. But giving away tickets that easily is bad marketing, IMHO. At some point, no-one will buy tickets because they can always get them for free.

Ignacio Rodriguez-Argote said...

I have to dis-agree, we want people that don't know about Miami FC to see our product because we are confident that they WILL come back. The team this year looks strong. Not to mention we are not always going to give this many tickets away all the time.


Ignacio Rodriguez-Argote

Uncle Ed said...

I think it's a good move to get people out there to experience the games and see for themselves what soccer is all about.
It's not like it's going to happen all the time.
I just happened to listen to the radio because I saw "DA" at the press conference and thought maybe he would say something, which he did.
I hope next time Miami FC gives us a heads up so that fans can listen in.
Good job Ignacio