Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Burrito Report: Parte Uno Miami FC vs Cleveland City Stars

Hola Miami FC Fans!
(Click on highlighted words if you don't know the meaning of the word)
Some of you carnales might remember "The Burrito Report" back in the days of the Miami Fusion on Bigsoccer (Burrito has since been banned from Bigsoccer with a Red Cards... pinches putos!) and on the South Florida strikers forum (Now the Miami FC supporters forum). The Burrito Report is a weekly poop fest of nonsense abouts the games, the foods, the beers, the womens and everyting that happen in Miami FC games.
Todays Burrito want to makes fun of those chingados fallen "Stars" those guys from boring town no vato ever want to ever visit... Clevelands... ay Virgencita de Guadalupe! Que feo!
Now Burrito feel more sorrys for those putos cause Miami beat them so good 3-1! ...and for reals what does Cleveland really have there? Burrito never even hear of that city until some one say somethings about basketball! Burrito remember hearing Southern Legion guys yellings "Go back to Clevelands and stick with basketball! Without Lebron you guys ain't anything!" hahahaha... or for you Espanish speakers jajajaja (Just so you understands where Burrito coming from!)
Bueno, so basically except for goal from Haitian vato, los "Stars" really have nothing on fields, Miami FC beat those carajitos like Burritos mami used to beat him for stealing a quesadilla from neighbor back in Toluca, Mexico!Anyways, Burrito was proud to see all my carnales of the Ultras singings and telling Referee he is a Wanker! Cause he was!
Burritos only complaint is that there were no topless womens at game! Why? No cheerleaders eithers por el amor de Dios!
Pero Bueno, Burrito want to invite all my homeboys in Miami to not forget to go to the game this Friday vs those ugly peoples from Canada! You see how Canadians looks in South Park? They really do look like that! Chingada madre! No wonder we have war with them! Ok so Miami FC play the Impacts on Friday at 8pm at FIU stadium! Don't forgets! Tailgate party begin at 6pm in the parking lots! If you show up for tailgate look for Burrito and he give you a Quesadilla!
Vamos Miami FC! Dale por el chiquito!
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