Thursday, April 2, 2009

USA over T and T with Video, Miami FC wins pre-season game and more...

First of all our good friend Julio Caballero of the Miami Ultras gave us the heads up that Miami FC won their preseason match vs Barry University 3-1. More on that later today.

I'm still shocked to see how Maradona's Argentina lost 6-1 to Bolivia! I don't want to talk bad about Bolivia but no way are they that good to beat Argentina so bad. It's going to be fun reading what the Argentine press says about Maradona.

Did you kids see Jozy Altidore tonight? He was on fire! It's good to see the future of U.S. Soccer looking so bright. Though he was born in Jersey (of all places) he comes out of South Florida folks, Boca Raton to be exact. We'll take any credit we can get for any player who is as good as this 19 year old striker. Altidore scored his hat trick off of Landon Donovan assists. (Final Score USA 3 T & T 0)

"He's a player (Altidore) that, you know, we have known for a while is going to be a big part of our team going forward, but things need to be earned. Things need to come at the right time," U.S. coach Bob Bradley said. Read more here ESPN

I don't know Bradley, I think Jozy Altidore has earned his spot as a starter, not only because of the hat trick but because he came off the bench against El Salvador and scored. Call me crazy but 4 goals in 2 games is enough to have "earned" a spot to me!
Check out the highlights:

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Thanks Julio! Dedicated like always.