Thursday, April 16, 2009

Miami FC vs Cleveland City - Tailgate this Saturday 6pm

Today we bring you a friendly neighborhood message from Miami Ultras president, founder and gangster of love... Pieter Brown. (As seen on Bigsoccer)

"You’ve waited all year and it’s finally here! Miami FC’s 2009 season opener will be played in the legendary Lockhart Stadium at 8 PM on Saturday. One way to watch this game is to get there at 7:50 PM buy your ticket and sit in a corner by yourself. Another way is to go to the Miami Ultras tailgate party that starts at 6 PM - fill up on chemical courage - march into the stadium at the start of the game - sing, chant and scream your head off in support of the “Mighty Blues”.

"We’ll see you at the Miami FC tailgate Saturday at 6 PM, go Blues! BYOB!"

Football in Miami and Beyond urges all humans, aliens and sentient lifeforms in South Florida to go to and buy your tickets or buy them at the stadium in the North end of the stadium.
Come out and see Miami FC led by ex Miami Fusion legend Diego Serna defeat the Cleveland City Stars this Saturday at 8 pm!
Let's go Blues!


Anonymous said...

Soccer fans lets start something special. Lets show America that we do support soccer in South Florida. Lets fill Lockhart.

Anonymous said...

Cleveland Sucks!!

Julio said...

1 day left until Miami FC starts the season. I would love to see 10,000-12,000 at Lockhart.

Anonymous said...

Cleveland is going to Lose!