Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ultras Road Trip to Tampa. Blues tie 1-1 with Rowdies

A four hour plus road trip up North and the Ultras were in Tampa supporting Miami FC as they faced the Tampa Bay Rowdies. The game was delayed due to rain, we got soaked and a Rowdies fan threw a beer at me, thankfully missing, but wasting a perfectly good beer. Alcohol abuse!

Some 50 plus Miami fans came out to Steinbrenner field and danced to the beat of the Miami Ultras drums and cowbell. Tampa's security even told us they liked us better then the troublesome Ralph's Mob (Plus we are better looking too!). We never saw the Sock Mascot they have. I guess they didn't want to get their sock wet... They did have these weird bugs that I just had to take a picture of, see to the right. In the end, it was a fun drive up and we hope to see more Miami Fans make the trip to the next game at the end of the month!

The Blues held on to the ball for large portions of the game and while our midfield is strong we still seem to lack that Center Forward that can score goals a la Alex Afonso from a few years back or Romario from Miami FC's first season. Nonetheless we Ultras support our team to the bitter end.
Check out the pictures of the game and read more about it at www.miamifc.com


Anonymous said...

Hahaha that last picture of the Mob is cool. They look good behind bars... They look like a bunch of criminals!

Freaknik! said...

Theres a difference between looks like and ARE, and the mob ARE!

Anonymous said...

you guys wish you had half the dedicated members that the Mob has. More importantly, the poor players who are stuck on Miami's team REALLY wish they had a Mob behind them.

And what is up with you guys having a larger turn out in Tampa than you do for your own home games?

Anonymous said...

Its simple, more people in tampa hate the rowdies than like Miami FC

Anonymous said...

damn, that's the ugliest Pitch i've ever seen in my life! Sorry ass Tampa, have to play soccer/baseball! that's ugly as hell....stay ugly Tampax. VAMOS MIAMI!

Saint Louis is best said...

whats with all the sitting?