Friday, July 16, 2010

Miami FC Pub Cup First round/ Pregame Puerto Rico

Hello fellow hooligans, this is the Ultras "Lil Train wreck" giving you an update for the Miami FC Pub Cup. Tomorrow holds four matches to determine who moves onto the quarter finals. The match of the day is at 5:45 pm: The MIAMI ULTRAS vs Mickey Byrnes pub. The Ultras starting lineup is still up in the air, but may be as follows: Derek Reese, Zach Reese, Ed Serrano, Kyle Kaly, (and possibly) Juan Ruiz. The pub cup itself starts at 5pm with Fox and Hounds vs Waxy O' Connors and Frog and Toad vs The Kings Head pub. The 5:45 games will be The Miami Ultras vs Mickey Byrnes and Lion and Eagle vs Biddy Earlys.

After the Pub Cup is Played, the Miami FC Blues will face off against Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is coming off of a tough draw vs the Tampons, and Miami is coming off of a decent losing streak. The Blues know how to win at home, but they have the ace in the hole of a tie if need be. The Miami FC Ties need people in the stands to get that emotional support to take on the cheating Ricans. Miami FC's game starts at 7:30. Come on and cheer on your Miami FC! Oi!
(Party in the city where the heat is on
All night on the beach till the break of dawn
Welcome to Miami)

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