Thursday, April 22, 2010

Interview with Miami FC's new Head Coach, Victor Pastora (Part 2)

Robert Scorca brings us the second part of Miami FC coach Victor Pastora's Interview:

Robert Scorca: How does it feel to be the newest Head Coach for Miami FC?
Victor Pastora: It’s a great feeling and a great opportunity. I am doing what I love at a professional level, in the city that I like to be, close to my family and friends. It is a great moment definitely a great moment in my life. I am very thankful to the Traffic and Miami FC directors for the trust and opportunity.

RS: What do you feel will be the biggest difference between being Head Coach for a professional team as opposed to an amateur or youth club?
VP: The pressure for game results. Good results prevent you from properly evaluating performance, and bad results are sometimes a distraction for growth. I have had the opportunity to have great success in an environment where I could have one or two bad months, this time you take until a team takes form you don’t have at the professional level.

RS: Which formation do you favor running with the team you have assembled? Is this the formation you are most comfortable with?
VP: I like to play with a back four, one or two central MF’s in front of the back line, and the rest of the formation depending on the players we have.

RS: Who do you think will win the World Cup?
VP: The obvious choices would be Brazil and Spain, I also think Argentina and England have a chance. You can never count Germany and Italy out, and the surprise I think is going to be Chile.

RS: How do you feel the U.S. National team will do during the World Cup?
VP: I feel our National team have not progressed much in the last few years. We will also miss Charlie Davies and Onyewu form is questionable. If they get through it should be as second and if they find a strong team in the next round that may be it. I would love for them to do more, but realistically I don’t see them going into quarterfinals.

RS: Who would you consider the best soccer player in the world?
VP: I like many players but Messi is a step ahead of everyone.

RS: Hopefully you can clarify some questions about the rules which I am often asked. What is the minimum and maximum number of players each club can have on their roster? Maximum foreigner players roster and dressed for a game. Who by definition would be considered a foreigner player?
VP: We can have up to 30 players roster, 7 foreign spots and you can use them as you wish, a foreigner is everyone who is not an American and doesn't have a green card either.

RS: Who do you feel was most important in your development as a coach and person?
VP: My family, friends and this country. My father always told me to make sure I do something that I loved. He advised me not to worry about what society expects, that some people are destined to do things that are different than others. He gave me confidence to break away from the mold. My mother always gave me a hand with whatever I needed. Support, advise, financial assistance, and a shoulder whenever I needed one. My daughter inspires me, she makes me want to be a better person. My grandmother makes me feel like everything is possible, she is the backbone of our family and makes it very clear that we all have to take advantage of the efforts our grandparents and parents have made for us. My wife I think is my biggest fan, she doesn’t say much but she has made it very easy for me to focus and get ahead in this profession. I am very fortunate to have the family that I have, my sister is a survivor, my uncles, aunts and cousins are honest hard working people that always support me. I am lucky, besides having a great family I have the best friends in the world. They keep me grounded, always cheering me on, and making fun of me whenever they can.
Also, if it wasn’t for the this country, I probably would not be doing what I am doing. Here is different than in most Latin American countries. In the US no matter who you are, or where you are coming from, if you are legal and you want to make something of your life you probably will. Here you control many factors that allow you to prosper. Without money, thru soccer and the government financial aid I got my college degree. I arrived here on a Friday at 6pm when I was 15 years old, and I had a job Saturday at 8am. I have had access to work, school, and professional opportunities since I arrived.

RS: If you were not involved with soccer what would you be doing?
VP: Something boring until 5pm, then playing or watching a game from 7pm to 9pm.

RS: Any closing thoughts you wish to mention to the fans of Miami FC?
VP: Miami FC is an organization that is making an honest effort to bring a product South Florida can appreciate and feel proud of. On the field we are working hard to play well, get in the playoffs, and play a brand of soccer the fans can identify with. The front office has very ambitious plans for the future of the team. The development of a youth system that can service the best talent in the area, the acquisition of a training facility for the team, the youth system and for other professional teams to come and train, and many other projects that will hopefully soon take form. It is obvious that fan support is the most important factor for a professional team, and it is the fuel that can make a difference on the prosperity of this project. If you want a great team in the city one day, support us while we get there. In the mean time we hope to entertain you and most importantly we hope we make you feel proud of the team. It will be nice if one day you can see this team as your team instead of the team. This is a romance we have to start right away, come support us or come criticize us, but make an effort to come to the games.


Anonymous said...

Good article but if Miami needs a win it has to be against Tampa. Miami must draw first blood!

Anonymous said...

Good article but if Miami needs a win it has to be against Tampa. Miami must draw first blood!