Thursday, April 29, 2010

Interview with Hotshot! Miami FC's Mascot by Burrito

Today Burrito bring you an interview with his compadre, Miami FC Mascot Hotshot! Burrito meet Hotshot at Lockharts parking lot last year and Hot Shot was kind enough to warm a hot dog on his head for Burrito, and that how we became carnales... the rest is history!

Hotshot doesn't speak and neither does Burrito so we "communicates" via sign language and barks. Somehow we understands each other... go figures.
Burrito's questions:
Burrito: Where do you come from Hotshot?
Hotshot: From a small house on the south side of the Sun

Burrito: Burrito is 12 years old (in dawg years). How old are you?
Hotshot: Older than Earth time.

Burrito: Where do you live?
Hotshot: A mystery house in the heart of South Florida.

Burrito:Do they play futbol (soccer) where you are from?
Hotshot: Yes, but we use comets for soccer balls.

Burrito: Who is hottererer Jessie (Ay Chihuahua!) or you?
Hotshot: Me on game day. Jessie the rest of the time.

Burrito: What is Hotshots favorite Soccer position?
Hotshot: Goal Keeper, but we have no gravity in space, so I am still getting used to goal keeping at MFC halftime shootouts.

Burrito: Who is your favorite Superhero? Johnny Storm (The Human Torch - Marvel Comics), Firestorm (The Nuclear man DC Comics), or Radioactive man (Simpsons character)?
Hotshot: Johnny Storm. We played soccer together on the Sun.

Burrito: Burrito is master at dancing la macarena! Burrito see Hot Shot has some good moves too, where you practice your dance moves carnal?
Hotshot: Miami FC home games with the cheerleaders.

Burrito: In a fight between Burnie (Miami Heat Mascot) and Hot Shot who wins?
Hotshot: Burnie and I are good friends. We would not fight.

Burrito: Recent reports (Read HERE ) say Hotshot was going to sign on with Miami FC not only as a Mascot but as a player/mascot, is there some truths to dat?
Hotshot: I have not been asked by MFC front office, but I would do anything for my favorite soccer team Miami FC.

Burrito: Who is Hot Shots Favorite player on Miami FC and why?
Hotshot: Zach "Beowulf" Kirby. He has no fear and never gives up

Burrito: What type of food do you eat? Pick one: Chimichanga, Quesadilla or Taco? Mild, Hot or Caliente Sauce?
Hotshot: Super Spicy Burrito. (no, I don't eat dogs)

Burrito: If Hotshot could speak what would he say to fans?
Hotshot: Thank you for supporting my favorite soccer team on Earth, Miami FC. I'm looking forward to seeing you at all our home games in 2010. Vamos Miami!


Julian Colucci said...

hahahah "we are friends we would never fight"

Burrito said...

Si, Hotshot lie. He would burn that puto up starting with his Basketball nose/mouth or whatever that be!
Vamos Miami!