Friday, April 9, 2010

Miami FC vs Rhinos Saturday April 10! Free Vodka and BBQ!

It's that time South Florida soccer fans! This Saturday at 7:30 PM is the start of the USSF Div 2 season as our Miami FC Blues take on the Rochester Rhinos! It's the cheapest ticket in town so come out and see Christian Gomez and the gang beat the Rhinos to kingdom come!
Be sure to show up early and head towards the tents by Gate C behind Lockhart Stadium See picture below:Gate C parking is reserved for Season Ticket holders but the tents will hold a special tailgating surprise for fans, so show up early! I'll be there at about 5pm! Miami FC has new sponsors, Regalia Vodka and Weston Town Center. That means free Vodka drinks and free BBQ!
After the tailgate the rowdiest fans, the Miami Ultras and the Southern Legion will unite this year at Section 120. So if you want to be loud and create havoc for the opposing team then joins us in Section 120! ****Remember, this area is a standing section, we never sit!Uncle Ed's recommended reading:
For a full review of the teams competing against the Blues be sure to go to Inside Minnesota Soccer's USSF Div 2 2010 Preview. Yours truly Uncle Ed, wrote the Miami FC segment and you can check out the rest of the teams from the point of view of local bloggers and writers.

Miami Soccer Fan is always a favorite stop for good South Florida Soccer news and you can check out the latest piece written by Brian Corey bashing the Tampa Bay Rowdies, yes, the rivalry has started! You can also see Media Day pictures that were taken by Victor Palkaninec.

For those that don't know him Victor (pictured at the right) is at just about every game there is snapping away as if there was no tomorrow! I remember Victor from back in the Miami Fusion days! You can check his work out over at his Miami FC2 site which also has a forum and Strikers Blog!

Talk about pictures! Victor helped me strap a camera on to Burrito's head so expect to see some pictures from Burrito's perspective. You'll be able to see those pictures in a little area on the right hand of this blog. The first picture was of his compadre and NASL guru Kartik Krishnaiyer! You can click on the picture to see the rest of Burrito's pictures. We'll be sure to update them. You can also follow that chihuahuas twitter

Following are a few pictures taken at the Miami FC Media Day.

Vamos Miami! Let's beat those Whinos!


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Nice for the entire crowd that'll show up at the game to show up in the stands in those photos too.

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Can't wait! Let's beat the Rhinos!