Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Danger! Tampa Bay Fans coming. By Burrito

Burrito want to welcome hated Tampa Bay fans to Burrito's casa in Lockharts Stadiums this Saturday May 1, 2010. Tailgate start at 5pm and game will kick off at 7:30 pm.

Burrito hear most peoples in Tampa are borings and dumb pero Burrito want all to know thats not true. In most cases si, they dumbs and all that enchilada pero the truth is a few are good peoples so there. Thats as far as Burrito will get to saying good stuffs about Tampa Fans. Beware Miami Fans, they come to drink our beers and vodkas, they come to eat our BBQs and take all they can from us good South Floridas futbol fans.

As you can see Burrito get pictures of Tampon fans so Miami fans can identify what they looks like. Si, they all look like terrorists and they likie throwing a good cerveza into the pitch! Why would anyone do that? If Burrito see that kinda beer abuse he bite first Tampa Fan he see on knee!
Burrito want to warn Rowdies fans that any beer abuse will be punished by laws! Burrito also get picture of Tampa fans arrested for being estupid. Si, peoples if you throw away good beer you go to jail, you no pass GO you no collect $200! So don't be a pendejos Tampa fans. Give beer to Ultras we drink it! Now that we know what Tampa fans looks like Blues fans can keep childrens and womens aways from them.

But enough about the fans. Burrito now concentrate on team. The Rowdies come from a game in Minnesota where they lose to NSC Stars. Too bad cause Burrito woulda wanted these chingados to lose to the Blues first pero is ok now they lose 2 in rows! Burrito get picture of Tampa player who was axed what he think of Miami FC and here is picture to rights. Si, he get so scared he peepee in pants. Pobrecito, can't blame the hombre for being afraid of the Blues.

Burrito predict Miami FC will wins 5-0 with goals by Christian Gomez (2), Abe Thompson, Paulo Junior and Edward Santeliz. Again our back line will be strongs anchored by Kaka and Beowulfs Kirby and great performances by Mike Randolph and Burritos dawg Martyn Lancaster.

So get ready for a great game Blues Fans and don't let those putos from Tampa get to you.
Vamos, Vamos Miami! Que esta noche tenemos que Ganar!
Vamos Miami!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Tampa Fans are ugly SOB's LOL.

jruiz2112 said...

Bloody Tampons! lol

Anonymous said...

Stick the burrito up your ass.

Anonymous said...

and u put that Tampon back in that nasty 'Giner of urs, u Pinche Tampa Puto

Anonymous said...

miASSmi putos:


Anonymous said...

South Florida soccer fans we have a Mission to Bring MLS team back to Miami & Support Miami FC. Now that Garber has mention expansion for south Florida is time for all soccer fans to reunite and show that MLS those belongs in South Florida.

Tampa is going down 4-1.

Anonymous said...

San Antonio 20th team:


Anonymous said...


Burrito said...

Burrito going to pee on Tampon Express.
Those putos are going down!