Monday, October 24, 2011

Strikers lose first game of the NASL Championship series. Appear on CBS 4 Sports Zone.

This past Saturday the Fort Lauderdale Strikers flew up to Minnesota to play the first leg of the NASL Div2 Championship versus the NSC Minnesota Stars.
Unfortunetly the Strikers lost 3-1. It was a heart breaker to see the team play timidly compared to their past few playoff games. Was it the cold weather up North? Was it lack of heart? I think it just wasn't our day.
What we do know is that now they come back to the heat of South Florida with a 2 goal deficit. Will the boys be able to defend the Fort? I think they can! Now our mission as Striker Likers is to support this team and fill up the "Mecca". We can do it! Be sure to tell everyone to get out there to Lockhart Stadium this Saturday Oct 29, 2011 at 7:30PM.
Read more about the game here:
Strikers on CBS 4 Sports Zone!
This past Saturday before the game in Minnesota the Strikers appeared on Sports Zone. Check it out below!

Miami Ultras Alive
Tonight's Miami Ultras Alive brings you Inside Minnesota Soccer's Brian Quarstad as he gives us the low down on his view of the game as a Stars fan. Be sure to check it out! We will also have Daniel Feuerstein of Blog Talk Radio's Feuerstein's Fire . Dan was our inspiration in creating our crappy show, we will discuss his show in detail particularly the interview he had with Coach Shore (Strikers) and Coach Lagos (Stars) before our show.
Check out Pieter and Uncle Ed's antics here:


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well what a bad luck to start the NASL Championship series with a defeat, but I think there was no need to worry so much, they did it better in the other games