Monday, January 9, 2012

Don Garber meets Miami Ultras and more in pictures by Burrito!

Hola Amigos! Burrito been in the dawg house (Liter-ally) lately. Pero no problemo, He back now!

It's been a year since MLS Commisionado El Don Garber came to South Florida to talk to Burrito's compadres the Miami Ultras. Burrito was mad cause they no let in dawgs to Hotel that day pero Burrito was able to steal pictures from Uncle Ed's cell phone and si the picture not good qualities pero thats life. What you expect from a dog? So check out the picture Burrito bring you, hope you like!

Here is a picture of Dan Courtemanche with Don Garber with Miami Ultras scarf. They look nice, si?
Notice how Don laugh... He like Wonder Woman in TV with chains! Muy Caliente!
El Don feel very patriotic with Uncle Sam in TV screen, Viva USA carajo! (Dan looks like he falling asleep!)
Burrito no know El Don was Star Trek Fan, here with Mister Sulu.Here El Don try to say "Live long and prosper" to Mister Sock! Burrito mean Mister Spock!
And of course said the horse, here with Spock and el Capitan Kirk! (They also want MLS in Miami)
El Comisionado say he also like Star Wars, here with Obi Wan and Luke.
El Garber say he grow up watching Mister Rourke and Tatu on Fanasy Island!
El Don smiles and compares his teeths with King Kong!
Here you see Godzilla, King of all monsters! And El Don King of MLS!
Don with David Beckham... is Becks giving the middle finger? Ay Chihuahua!
Mister Don say he want to bring MLS to Miami cause Abe Vigoda says so!
Finally best picture evers! El Comissionado Don Garber with Burrito!
Burrito hope you all enjoy these pictures commemoratings the 1 year anniversarys since El Don came to South Florida.
Now Senor Garber, Give Burrito his MLS team back alreadys!
Time for Los Fort Lauderdale Strikers to move up or for another investors to step up!
Hasta los Huevos amigos!
Su amigo el perro mas chido!

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Awesome! Funny stuff Burrito the soccer Dog!

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