Thursday, December 6, 2012

Will David Beckham bring MLS to Miami ?

It's all over the internet this week, but it's been talked about for a few years now. David Beckham is going to be part of an ownership group that would bring a Major League Soccer team to Miami.

The case for Miami:
Miami is becoming a soccer hub and growing soccer scene: Home to CONCACAF, Traffic Sports, beIN Sport, Univision-ABC, Telemundo, US training base, new owner of World Football Challenge, NASL, GolTV, and all the soccer stars who own homes here.
All we need is MLS in Miami!

It's our time to act! He already denied any contact with a NY team but he hasn't done it with South Florida.

Let's send emails, tweets and facebook messages to David Beckham to show our support. We've done this in the past with MLS and its worked.

Tell them you want MLS in Miami and that we will support them!

Simon Oliveira
Twitter: @simonolive

Victoria Beckham
Twitter: @victoriabeckham


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Support our push for MLS.
Twitter: @Miami_MLS


Anonymous said...

This is great! Let's do it! #BeckhamMLSMiami

Ted Cikowski said...

Let's let Beckham know we love the thought of him bringing a team to Miami. We know he would care more about the team than Horowitz ever did. Honestly if they can get a team running by 2015, Beckham could even play his last season as a 2nd string player. Preki was 39 when he won MVP here.

aFUSIONado (Italia) - said...

Horowitz was actually a great guy...just dealing with the political minefield, that was the early days of our league, combined with the knee jerk reaction to 9/11, when the economy tanked and people were talking about contracting baseball teams...our beloved Miami Fusion and Tampa were victims of a travel/ budget constraints decision. ...................and P.S. Preki was actually 40 as he won MVP the year after he was here!!! ....and yes the good ones can go to 42 or 43...Valderrama, McBride, Ian Bishop played 22 years.... and our #17 can still bring it like the Fusion days !!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I do not like anything about Horowitz...did Alex pIneda Chacon win league MVP in 2001?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pineda Chacon was the MLS 2001 MVP.

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