Monday, June 1, 2009

Mascot in Love with referees, with pictures! by Burrito

Today Burrito bring you vatos troubling informations concerning South Florida's favorite mascot Hotshot. Burrito half been hearings rumors that Hotshot has taken certain likings toward USL Referees and even hear some drunk fans at last game say "Hotshot is flamer". Burrito no believe these silly rumors until recent paparazzi fan pictures show up where Hotshot is caught in act of checking out USL Referees. See for yourself:

The next picture show Hotshot when he realize picture was taken. Notice look he make! He saying "Ay Dios mio! They see me looking at beautiful referees!"Now Burrito only problem is that if Hotshot half something with referees then why not use that to help Miami FC win games? Miami FC have not benefited from this situations and sometimes you need to take one for team, you know what Burrito saying?

Burrito ax a few fans at last game what they think about this situation an here is what these carnales says:

Anonymous: I find it shocking and disturbing it's a consequence brought on by the Obama administration! Damn Liberals!

Hal: I think it's cool and if it doesn't work out with the refs Hotshot should give me a call!

Maria: Que es ese Hotshot? Parece el Diablo!

Silvia: Next time I need a light I'm asking Hotshot!

Anonymous: He needs to find Jesus!

Now Burrito leave you with Horse that half similiar situation.
Check this out!

First Openly Gay Racehorse To Compete Sunday


Anonymous said...

Hotshot is a Wanker.

Ted C said...

One time I was walking on Ocean blvd at around 4 a.m. in the north part where it wasn't so populated and some guy in a parking lot kept flashing his lights at me. I ignored him but then he yelled out "hey what are you into tonight?. I told him I was just walking home and he said "well I have $30, if you know what I mean". Unfortunately I did know what he meant. I pretty much just ran away and hoped I would never see the creepy guy again. Unfortunately I have seen him again: it's hotshot. So this story is not shocking to me. I am surprised he doesn't bribe the refs with HJ's and cash.

Burrito said...

Burrito now understand why Hotshot always have hand lotion bottle in back pocket! Chingada madre! Que culero!

Anonymous said...

South Florida fans. Lets start a bring kc wizards to Miami campaign. They are doing bad in KC 9,000 fans at the games.

Anonymous said...

Yes send Claure e mail and let hime know about KC.

Anonymous said...

Man Miami FC sucks. We need MLS. Have we forgot about MLS to Miami. lest get it going fans.

Uncle Ed said...

We need to support Soccer in South Florida. By going to Miami FC games we might be able to attract attention and hopefully one day an MLS team.
I hope Traffic and Marcelo Claure could get together and give us an MLS team but only time will tell. For now Miami FC is here and we need to back them up!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I still reader have MLS than USL. USL just don’t have the players MLS has. Miami is a city MLS should be in. FC Barcelona was not good for south Florida and you see what they did. We need an ownership group that care about South Florida. I think we have a piece of the puzzle with Claure We hope he still has the desire to see MLS in Miami. Garber is wrong about Miami. Miami does want MLS, but we need reassurance that it will be here for a very long time. FC Barcelona did not do anything to show they really wanted to put a team in Miami. They only care for their image. MLS should and will succeed in Miami. I investors soccer fans we are waiting.