Thursday, June 4, 2009

Miami FC and Traffic signs at the USA vs Costa Rica game

Everyone saw them and if you didn't you are blind. I found myself looking at them more as the game progressed, every moment that passed. Anything to take my mind off of the horrendous game I was watching.

USA got beat up like the little fat kid that no one likes in the neighborhood. In the end not even Landon Donovan's penalty kick could hide the damage that was done. Blame the Turf, the weather or the fans. It didn't matter. I hope we do better versus Honduras.

Now back to the signs. I think it's a good thing to see Miami FC and Traffic signs all over the stadiums. It's not the first time we see them in CONCACAF games. At least it makes people wonder and gives international attention to our team. Does it do anything to help us get peoples butts to the stadium? Could the money spent on the signs go to other forms of local advertisement? At the end of the day it's great to see those signs, it fills me with pride that the world (or at least Costa Rica and the U.S.) know my team exists. But, will it make a difference? What do you think?
Time will tell... Vamos Miami!


Anonymous said...

Miami FC signs,signs!Put it up in Miami and Ft Lauderdale were it counts.

Jim Willis said...

Are there any signs around South Florida?

Uncle Ed said...

No Jim there are no signs or billboards in all South Florida at all except for Farm Stores.

Jim Willis said...

I hate to go in this direction, but what is the vibe around Miami FC? Is there a future after this season? Seems like Traffic doesn't have a clue how to market the team.

Some folks at our USMNT watch party here in Tampa last night were talking about a road trip to the last Miami FC home match of the year so we can meet the Miami supporters group. Kind of get a jump on the Rowdies debut in 2010

Uncle Ed said...

Well, Miami FC staff have told me they will be around for the next 3 years for sure. If attendance doesn't go up in that time they might re-think their stay. The fans are doing all we can to get the word out. Miami FC now has 2 fan groups so I think thats a positive sign.

I can tell you we are looking forward to Tampa joining the league! We'd love to meet up with you guys so let me know and we can all share some beers at our tailgate and game!

The Wanderer said...

You guys should seriously thin about advertising the ponce de Leon Cup at least ;)... Puerto Rico is part of it you know :P