Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Malaysia will win the next World Cup thanks to new Laser technology! By Burrito

Hola Amigos, this just in from reliable news source Gizmodo!
Malaysia will now be Futbol Soccer power thanks to new Laser technology they just get from China! Funny how Chinese not think of it themselves!
Malaysia recently beat Indonesia 3-0 thanks to lasers being shot into face of Indonesian players who could not see and they cry like babies!
Malaysia used their secret weapon against Vietnam and also beat them by 2-0!
Expect this to be the new fad in Asia that will spread across the world! Malaysia will be new champion of the World very soon. Brazil, Spain and rest of the world beware of the Malaysian's and their lasers!

See video bitches!


Anonymous said...

MLS we want it.........

Anonymous said...

i aint see no lasers gettin shot at the players! =(

Burrito said...

Chingada Madre! Sorry, look at the 4:05 minute mark and you see lasers on face of keeper!

Adrien said...

This is thewrong game, this game was playing in Indonesia