Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Time - MLS Miami (Video)

A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away, there were two MLS teams South of Washington DC... But that is no more.
Today South Florida soccer fans are still working to bring MLS back to our area by contacting potential investors and sponsors.
In a perfect world the Strikers would be headed to MLS.
As fans, all we can do is support local soccer and continue to push to make our dream eventually come true.

Here is a fan video:

Support our efforts in bringing MLS to South Florida. Follow our MLS Miami Bid. You can help by spreading the word. Email your friends and send them the information below.
Email us to:


Anonymous said...

Just bring MLS to Miami. We want it.

Derek said...

^ To "Anonymous" and everyone else echoing these sentiments:

Don't tell Ed. He knows. But while he is trying to spread the word, and helping more than most anyone to help bring MLS back, anyone on a blog isn't gonna bring MLS back. It's going to be big shot investors and the top league officials.

So you, and we all, have to tell MLS and those investors we want MLS back. Tell them directly my e-mailing the commissioner, or more importantly tell MLS and investors you want it by SUPPORTING LOCAL SOCCER. Next season come out to Strikers games, and support the WPS team that may be moving to South Florida. Let's show MLS that South Florida is worth the investment and deserving of a second chance!

Whining about Traffic isn't going to help. Hate the ownership if you want, but still support the team and the players on the pitch and your community. The Marlins' and Panthers' owners are incompetent bums but I still support those teams. Traffic is starting with a blank slate with the Strikers and has a chance to do things right form now on. I say all of South Florida soccer fans should back the effort and give them a shot.

Anonymous said...

Derek Traffic Sports SUCKS! Every soccer fans in South Florida wants MLS.

Anonymous said...

Make it happen. We want MLS in Miami.

Anonymous said...

MLS Miami news?