Friday, May 27, 2011

Marcelo Claure to bring MLS to Miami.

Julio Caballero, VP of the Miami Ultras has formed a group called La Academia which is exclusively dedicated to bringing Major League Soccer back to South Florida. They also organize MLS watch party's and will soon lead a pilgrimage of South Florida soccer fans to invade an MLS game to support our bid for MLS in Miami. (Site and information will come out soon, so stay tuned!)

It seems MLS to Miami is only a matter of time. Julio was able to speak to South Florida's best hope for top flight first division soccer, Brightstar CEO and owner of Bolivia's most popular team, Bolivar, Mr. Marcelo Claure.
La Academia Q & A with Marcelo Claure
We want to thank Marcelo Claure for taking time out of his busy schedule to respond to the questions posted by La Academia about a potential MLS franchise bid to bring a team to South Florida.

(MC) Before answering questions, I just wanted to say I really like the new name of the fan club – La Academia. My team in Bolivia, Bolivar, is also known as La Academia so the name had an immediate impact on me.

(LA) Success in MLS is now associated with a strong connection between fans and their team, if you were to bid for a franchise, how do you plan to foster that connection?
(MC) Julio and La Academia, as we continue working to bring MLS to South Florida, we will build connections with fans through Q&As like this, organized soccer viewing events, and many other grassroots efforts. We will absolutely want to work with La Academia on these efforts.

(LA) If you move forward with a bid, would you consider using the Miami Fusion FC name or would you prefer a team with a new identity?
(MC) Depending on what the ultimate ownership looks like, we would evaluate the Miami Fusion FC name as well as other options. We want a name that the local fans can completely embrace and own.
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What are your thoughts on MLS in Miami?


Anonymous said...

I hope it's true. If he does it right it can be a success. Not like Traffic that decided to do the right thing after 5 years. Regrettfully it's too late for them, they should have jumped to MLS from the start. Nobody wants to be 2nd (Second division) Everyobody wants to be 1st (First Division). People want to see quality, like Lebron and Wade with the Heat. Miami needs Messi, Ronaldo, etc. This is a world class town for christsakes!

Anonymous said...

great job guys. bring mls to miami.

kiki said...

That's what we needed some MLS Mami news .

Antique said...

I agree, kiki, it is good to hear that the MLS dream is alive and well in South Florida. The one thing about this interview that I found most interesting is that the 3rd leg of the requirements for MLS, support your local teams, was not mentioned. When we had our talk with Garber in January he was insistent on that. If you want M<LS support what we have now or forget about it.

Martha Focker said...

Marcelo Claure should invest in the Fort Lauderdale Strikers brand, build a SSS Stadium in Fort Lauderdale (It’s only about 35 miles outside of Miami anyway). It is the fans from this county that are going to make him a successful owner. Great Fans = Great Team = Great Long Term Business.
New York Cosmos, Fort Lauderdale Strikers, Orlando City Lions, Tampa Bay Rowdies and San Diego Sockers will all be successful MLS franchises. When it’s all said and done, there will be about 28 – 32 MLS Clubs playing on National TV. TV deals comparable to the rest of our Pro Leagues. Some of these teams are going to be World Powers competing for the Best trophies the sport of Soccer (Football) can win. Possibly turning the UEFA Champions League motto into “FIFA Champions League” therefore having a true FIFA World Club Champion. An Idea that isn’t even a thought in most people’s minds today because of the obvious strength of European Clubs at present time. MLS aka. MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER can open this possiblity with the right investors and such. American fans are used to best and won’t change that mentality for a mediocre soccer league. MLS needs to think BIG, if and when they do, the millions of soccer fans already here will come in droves filling these new beautiful soccer specific stadiums that will make redbull arena an afterthought.

Anonymous said...

Great job you guys. I really hope MLS returns to Miami.

Anonymous said...

Hello South FL soccer fans! This is J from Miami,
I’m writing and posting this on as many south fl based soccer websites as I can find. Like many of you out there I want a Major League Soccer team back in Miami. I think it’s time for our South FL/Miami fans to make a big televised push for some major TV based publicity in bringing back MLS to Miami. On June 10th there will be two Gold Cup matches played at FIU. These are internationally televised soccer matches.
My wife and I have midfield tickets preordered for June 10th at FIU. I have made a sign that reads “BRING MLS BACK TO MIAMI.” Although we may not support the teams playing June 10th, imagine the message Miami soccer fans would get out to MLS (Don Garber) if we had loads of MLS supporting fans with similar signs. We would also be showing the potential for fan support simply by the cameras catching images of a full stadium.
Although the US weren’t part of the matches played at FIU two years ago, we went to them anyway. The stadium was packed; many people purchased tickets at the gate. I believe it was nearly sold out, one ticket for two games brought in loads of fans, which is also why we went.
Let’s grab Don Garber’s attention once again! Show your support for a Miami MLS future by going to the FIU based Gold Cup matches on June 10th with your signs and old Fusion jerseys ready!
Just so everybody knows, we will be making the trip to Tampa the next morning to support the U.S. I will probably bring the sign to that match as well to show Garber we mean business (Miami fans will travel for good soccer too). I’ve got midfield tickets to those matches also.
Please post this message on any south fl based soccer websites you know about, lets get the word out!!! See you at the FIU Gold Cup games!

Anonymous said...

Ok this is probably not gonna go down well, but might it sweeten the deal for Claure if the team were to be called "Miami Brightstars" or Florida Brightstars.... I know Strikers name has more history but maybe a sponsored name would bring more capital to the project. Whatever the name a team in South Florida would be attractive for any world class player in the last few years of his career