Thursday, July 21, 2011

State of Disarray: Who's to blame?

DISCLAIMER: The following piece is written by Gefilte Fish and was published in my sole discretion. The following thoughts are not necessarily the thoughts or belief of FMB.

This season has been frustrating for us all, but the past weeks have been rough on us all. Before I get to my rant, Ill give the comatose striker fans a brief overview:

Tampa 4-2 Strikers
Atlanta 3-2 Strikers
Montreal 1-1 Strikers
Islanders 3-1 Strikers

In recent weeks, We've dropped TOO MANY GAMES. As a Striker liker, I have to ask: "WHO'S FAULT IS IT?"

First off, Coach Daryl Shore.
In recent weeks, He has had some absolutely astounding failures in the coaching department. Whether it be his complete inability to manage substitutions, or struggling to find a spot for players everywhere except for in our swiss cheese of a defense; He needs to shape up or ship out.

Next, The Players.
The original Fort Lauderdale Strikers were about being the players with heart, drive, and talent to be on top of the sport. When we Floridiots heard that the Strikers were coming back, they gave us hope that MAYBE we could put together a dignified team. What did we get? We got a bunch of party boys, and heartless money-minded players who care more about hitting up downtown every night and getting laid in "the city where the heat is on" instead of thinking about what they need to work on while playing.

The closest we have to the REAL STRIKERS are;
a)Martyn Lancaster: Injured
b)Zach Kirby: Recently Retired
c)Matt Glaeser: Injured

The farthest thing from the old strikers are:
a)Bryan Arguez: Great player, but HANG UP AND PLAY
b)Le Petit: Now in LA, but while here he partied like Charlie Sheen

Finally, the front office.
The idea of traffic sports bringing the strikers name back was despised by many because people thought that we would have no chance at a real team because of the joke of a budget and track record of Miami FC. At the beginning of the season, I defended them til death. Now, I can't fight anymore. Everything said about them being cheap, more focused on the almighty dollar than putting a decent product on the field.

Now the team's true scorer Chacho Coudet is suspended for 6 games, Daryl Shore had an "Altercation" with a Puerto Rican announcer, and the team's morale is far from good. Coming from the loudest, biggest Striker Liker there is; It boils down to this:

If there is anyone in the organization who doesn't feel fit to continue with the club, ILL PROUDLY TAKE YOUR PLACE! I AM A PROUD STRIKER LIKER WHO CARES ABOUT CONTINUING THE LEGACY!


Anonymous said...

Sad, isn't it? Should have kept the Miami FC name instead of pissing down the leg of the real Strikers legacy.

Total con.

Threw some colors and a stadium around a bunch of no-talent, no coach crap and told us to come out and support it anyway.

I hope they fold.

Antique said...

I don't. Doing that is the death of pro soccer here for a decade or more.

I hope they finally get some folks on the team side of the FO that are as good as the folks on the sales side. Traffic is involved with Carolina & they've built a very good team. Bring that FO here.

Anonymous said...

NASL, Strikers and Traffic sucks!!

Anonymous said...

Bring MLS. Stop the crap runing down our legs. We want MLS

Antique said...

Fools! Abandon your flights of fantasy. If the Strikers fold we've just shown MLS that we can't support a team. Their success is one step to getting our getting an MLS franchise. You may not like it, but grow up and learn to live with it.

mobile sportsbook said...

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