Monday, May 30, 2011

Strikers tie, MagicJack win. Strikers fan pictures and more...

MagicJack and the Strikers both played this Saturday at almost the same time. While the Strikers attendance was apparently not hurt (they still average 5,000 a game) MagicJack had only approximately 860 people show up to watch them at FAU soccer field in Boca Raton.
MagicJack easily disposed of the Atlanta Beat by 4-0 with a hattrick from Abby Wambach! Read more HERE
The Strikers on the other hand once again struggled on offense this time settling for a stalemate versus the Montreal Impact 0-0. The problems in offense can be discussed tonight on Miami Ultras Alive as El Presidente Pieter Brown and I will have Strikers coach Daryl Shore on the show. It's tonight at 10 pm on be sure to call in or join us on the chat.
for further details of the game check it out a
Following please find pictures of the Champions League watch party organized by the Strikers prior to the Strikers game and pictures of the tailgate and game. Special thanks to Mitch Rivera and Victor Palkaninec for the pictures.

See more pictures:
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Marcelo Claure to bring MLS to Miami.

Julio Caballero, VP of the Miami Ultras has formed a group called La Academia which is exclusively dedicated to bringing Major League Soccer back to South Florida. They also organize MLS watch party's and will soon lead a pilgrimage of South Florida soccer fans to invade an MLS game to support our bid for MLS in Miami. (Site and information will come out soon, so stay tuned!)

It seems MLS to Miami is only a matter of time. Julio was able to speak to South Florida's best hope for top flight first division soccer, Brightstar CEO and owner of Bolivia's most popular team, Bolivar, Mr. Marcelo Claure.
La Academia Q & A with Marcelo Claure
We want to thank Marcelo Claure for taking time out of his busy schedule to respond to the questions posted by La Academia about a potential MLS franchise bid to bring a team to South Florida.

(MC) Before answering questions, I just wanted to say I really like the new name of the fan club – La Academia. My team in Bolivia, Bolivar, is also known as La Academia so the name had an immediate impact on me.

(LA) Success in MLS is now associated with a strong connection between fans and their team, if you were to bid for a franchise, how do you plan to foster that connection?
(MC) Julio and La Academia, as we continue working to bring MLS to South Florida, we will build connections with fans through Q&As like this, organized soccer viewing events, and many other grassroots efforts. We will absolutely want to work with La Academia on these efforts.

(LA) If you move forward with a bid, would you consider using the Miami Fusion FC name or would you prefer a team with a new identity?
(MC) Depending on what the ultimate ownership looks like, we would evaluate the Miami Fusion FC name as well as other options. We want a name that the local fans can completely embrace and own.
To read more go HERE

To join La Academia follow them on Facebook
You can also follow all MLS Miami Bid news on Twitter
and on the official website

What are your thoughts on MLS in Miami?

Everything you need to be a Strikers fan. By Burrito

Hola amigos! Burrito bring you Everything you needs to be the perfect Strikers fan!
* This is the Updated Re-loaded version of  "Everything you need to be a Strikers Fan" because stupid Blogger deleted the original a few weeks ago when they had a problem with their system. (Burrito hates them!)

First you needs to get your Fort Lauderdale Strikers ticket to this weekends game against them putos from Canada, the Montreal Impact. You can buy tickets HERE or call 954-606-0400 or buy them at the game!
Don't miss out as the Strikers destroy the Impact and make them our bitches! Game is Saturday May 28, 2011 at Lockhart Stadium. Pero first go to Champps Americana for the watch party as El Chicharito's team Manchester United will defeat Leo Messi and Barcelona. See the flyer for more info!

Ok here we go! Here is what you need to be the perfect Strikers fan!

1.- Season Tickets.
Burrito tired of sneaking in at the gate and being chased by securitys. Notice security dude has band-aid on finger! Si, Burrito bite him and take picture from Burrito Cam for proof! So to avoid getting chased around, better you buy your ticket in advanced!
Go HERE to buy your tickets or bad security guy will chase you!

2.- Personalized Strikers Jersey
Best way to start supporting your new team is to buy a Jersey. You can buy your Strikers jersey HERE.
But even better is to get it personalized so when peoples have too many cervezas at tailgate they remember your name! This one is Uncle Ed's jersey that Burrito sleep on sometimes. Burrito don't know why he have number 69... hmmm.

3).- Jersey for your pet
Since they no make jerseys for us dawgs then best thing you can do is buy this great Strikers dog shirt! Made in USA! Buy HERE
Wut up dawg?

4.- Strikers Cap.
South Florida have mucho sun... and rain! So best thing you can do is get a hat or cap for the Strikers. Some peoples take or make their own hats and caps. See this Retro cap from way back!

5.- Beer
A necessitys in every chingado tailgate and game is a good old cerveza! When Uncle Ed not looking Burrito drink his cerveza! If you not over 21 you can't drink so don't even think about it! remember to drink responsibably and no driving if you drink too much or Burrito hit you on head with a quesadilla! Oh, and no spilling, throwing beer at people or not finishing your cerveza. That is Beer abuse!

Getting ready to get into the stadium? Don't forget these:

6.- Paint
If you can't afford Strikers jersey it's okeydokey. For very little you can get red and yellows paint! Just do what this Srikerfan did and paint yourself all over! Nothing shows you more hardcore Strikers fan then your buddy than being painted red and gold!
So go do it!

7.- Drums and Cow Bell!
If you wants to make noise like a true Strikers fan then you need to bring your drum to the "Mecca" and let people know you are there! Here Miami Ultras grand maestro Cesar Sfreddo with his famous quads. Boom, boom, boom!

8.- Horns, Trumpets and Vuvuzelas
Drums are not complete without horns. Here is Miami Ultra Kyle "Trainwreck" Kaly with his red Strikers Trumpet. Pero if you no have the money then just get a vuvuzela! Si, the vuvu get much bad press in South Africa pero who cares! They are the poorman's trumpet! Check out the vuvu's the guys from the CSE ( City of Sunrise Elite) have. Get them in Stikers colors and use them to make enemy teams hate us more! Buy HERE

9.- Socks
Like Lieutenant Dan say in Forrest Gump "I want you boys to remember to change your socks wherever we stop". Si, and these socks look good! Here our sock models Victor and Justin show us their socks which you can get HERE
Stylin and profiling!

10.- Flags
Red and Gold flags are preferred to support your Strikers. Here Flight 19 member Derek Reese with one. You can get the flags HERE. Just buy Catalunya flag and don't worry Burrito no tell no one it is the flag of a country. You can also make your own, it no matter as long as you support los Strikers!
11.- Masks
Futbol and Wrestling in Mexico are one in the same so why not bring it to the USA? Si senor! Get a mask that has Strikers colors and you are good! This guys name is El Estriker! You can get your specially made mask HERE
Burrito want a dog mask too!

12.- Scarves
This tradition come from Europe. There its cold so make sense pero the gringos like it too so why not? Pero in South Florida? Just do it! Striker have official Team Scarf you can buy HERE or if you want to be hardcore then look for the South Florida United tailgate and ask one of the members if you can get one of their scarves. The Ultras and Flight 19 have some nice scarves that Burrito sometimes uses to sleep on. Go Strikers!

13.- Screen Saver and more...
When you drive home do what Striker Liker Chris Walsh has done and put a screen saver on your car! You can do this to computer too. Nothing say you are a fan 24/7 like anything Striker related. Go HERE to buy Striker stuff!

14.- Miami Ultras Alive
Every good fan needs to listen to Miami Ultras Alive hosted by El Presidente Pieter Brown and Uncle Ed every Monday at 10 pm. If you like to talk soccer then listen to these soccer nuts. If Burrito could talk he would be the host and make you all his bitches! Pero you can listen to them talk about the Strikers, MagicJack, NASL, WPS, MLS and anything about South Florida Soccer so do it or Burrito hit you on head with a quesadilla!

15.- NASLGuru
"NASLGuru is a game where you compete with your friends, a tool that will allow all NASL football fans to keep a record of all their forecasts throughout the tournament." Si, NASL Guru is fun and easy to use. Even a dog can play it! Burrito is on and will win a Strikers Jersey! Top prognosticator wins a Jersey every month! If you join be sure to join the Strikers Group called "StrikerLikers" password is: Burrito . The leader so far is NewtbombRocks!
16.- Striker Girls!
Ay Chihuahua! Nothing better than Striker Girls! So be sure to say hola to them at the tailgates and during the games and make sure your girlfriend, wife, sister and female friends wear hot Strikers shirts and jerseys! Viva los Strikers!
If you think Burrito left some thing out leave a comment! Burrito will copy your idea and make it his own!
About Burrito:
Burrito is the only soccer blogging dawg in the known universe! Since 1998! Join Burrito's Twitter or he will bite you! Vamos Strikers!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MLS Futbolito pictures, video and full story.

This past Saturday marked the return of MLS Futbolito to South Florida. This year the Miami Ultras signed up to play in the tournament for the first time. Uncle Ed, your humble bloggererer was signed on as the Coach. Here are my notes and comments of my debut as coach.

1.- The coach was the last to show up. Incredible, considering I live only a few minutes away from Kendall Soccer Park. I could tell the players were annoyed. From the first moment I realized we had no chemistry. This was going to be ugly!

The Players:

Kyle "Train wreck" Kaly Position: Goalkeeper, even though we were not supposed to have a goalkeeper. He cost us a penalty for crossing the line! Voted Ballsiest player on the team (Read on, you'll find out why).
Pros: none
Cons: Drinks, smokes, smoked more, burps... you get the picture.

The Reese's pieces bros:
Derek "Peanut" Reese and Zach "Chocolate" Reese
Position: Right or left wingers. Can't tell which is which, so I just say "Reese!" They both answer... I say "Take a wing". (They think I'm talking about chicken wings).
Pros: Both fast as lightning
Cons: Can't tell which is which. One is better than the other but I can't tell which one.

David "The Judge" Ito
Position: Sweeper
The "Judge" laid down the law, immediately establishing his dominance and authority over all.
Pros: Tall... that's about it. If only he had his gavel (the little hammer judges use for you laymen folk).
Cons: Can't score if his life depended on it!

Jorge "The 561" Marquez
Position: Wide Receiver
The "Cinco Seis Uno" looked as if he was on vacation out there, he made Palm Beach county proud.
Pros: Played great for about 1 minute. A good sleeper.
Cons: Played 1 minute and was tired.

Mr. Colombia Alan 'G'
Position: Outfielder and Shortstop
Highest scorer on the team, started off slow but soon picked up momentum.
Pros: Did whatever he wanted.
Cons: Did whatever he wanted.

Mr. Mitch "Ultra Cool" Rivera
Position: Full back
He was our benefactor, organizer and main Futbolito nut.
Pros: A good leader. 
Cons: Can't play for crap!

Uncle Ed
Position: Coach
First time coach. Did what he could with a rag tag team of imbeciles!
Pros: Had a great assistant
Cons: Didn't know what the hell he was doing!

Burrito Position: Assistant coach
Burrito didn't want to leave his dog house. Considered 10 am too early to get up. Was a no show and missed every game.
Pros: A great Blogging Dog
Cons: Likes to chew on things and hump them.

2.-No practice does not make perfect. We never got together for even a second of practice and it showed. I asked the players to do a couple of warm ups. They all ignored me. Alan "G" decided to run laps on his own and almost missed the kick off. Not good, not good.

3.- Game #1 Miami Ultras vs Soccer Locker
I figured any team with the word Soccer in it is not good. Ultras Starting line up had "561" at Forward, The Reese's Pieces Chocolate and Peanut at Mid and Mr. Colombia at D.
The logic behind the formation? None. I figured they were the youngest of the bunch or most in shape.
Result: Disaster. 10-0 in favor of Soccer Locker. The enemy was clearly a well seasoned team. They triangulated us to death and made us look like fools. Even the ref was cracking jokes. We had maybe 3 shots all off target in game #1.

4.- The men gathered under Tent "Ultras" for a much needed rest. They hydrated, ate donuts (Sent to us by our fellow Ultra and connoisseur Justin "Jellyfish" Yarborough) and smoked cigarettes. To pass the time. Quality players these... True athletes!

5.- MLS player Omar Salgado of the Vancouver Whitecaps came by the tent "Ultras" to say hola. We took pictures with him and even offered him a donut, which he declined. We almost convinced him to play on the Ultras team for our next game but evil MLS people were around and said he couldn't. We tried to bribe them but they didn't want our money. Apparently it wasn't enough.
6.- Game #2 Miami Ultras vs The Has Beens
When I heard the name I knew we had a chance! One of their players was in his 50's so things were looking good! This Time Uncle Ed had learned his mistake and shuffled the players around. At Forward it was "561" Mid had Mr. Colombia and Zach "Chocolate" Reese with "Judge" Ito providing rear coverage. The results were almost immediate. But sadly our troops faltered in the end once again falling, this time to the "Has beens" 7-5. A late heroic save by "Train wreck" will almost certainly mean he will never procreate as he blocked a sure goal with his manhood. Ballsiest play of the tournament! (Pun totally intended)

7.- The players retreated back under the tent for one last rest before the final game. The standings were even though and we had a remote chance of advancing if we could pull off a win. Our men were determined to make the playoffs, we would not be denied!
8.- Game #3 Miami Ultras vs ????
The coach took charge one last time. The team was ready and as we took the pitch I had no doubt we would come out victorious! And we did just that! We won the game 3-0! It was a convincing win. There was no doubt we had this one in the bag from the very first minute! Yes! We won! Due to default, since the other team didn't show...  We were awarded the 3-0 win.
9.- We decided to play a scrimmage amongst ourselves. The coach came out of retirement and played to show off a few moves here and there. Later inquires on game results determined we almost made the final! The second place team had only won 1 game and beat us only by gol differential. 
10.- Next year the Ultras will destroy the opposition. Uncle Ed will come out of retirement and Burrito will be the first canine coach of MLS Futbolito!
Check out the video of the games. Shout out to Jane "Poopsykins" Shpiner who filmed it:

  Be sure to listen to Miami Ultras Alive #7 for more information about MLS Futbolito, the Strikers, MagicJack and to listen to guests the Bourough Boys who discussed the Cosmos, MLS and the NASL.

Ultras Interview Omar Salgado of the Vancouver Whitecaps. He wants to come and play in Miami and also laughs at the Ultras performance in MLS Futbolito (Thanks to Alan for the clip).

Here is a video of Omar Salgado on Republica Deportiva (In Spanish) with Fernando Fiore.