Friday, April 6, 2012

Blame Canada, Official Strikers chant vs FC Edmonton (video)

Burrito is back! And want The Ultras and Flight 19 to learn and sing this song for the Strikers vs FC Edmonton game this Friday!
Vamos Strikers! Lets show them putos they come to Lockhart to lose! Defend the pinche Fort!

Blame Canada, Blame Canada
It seems that everythings gone wrong
since Canada came along,
blame Canada, blame Canada
They're not even a real country anyway!

Attention Striker Likers:
Get out to Lockhart Stadium this Saturday April 7 at 7:30 pm as the Strikers take on FC Edmonton!
Parking is $5, if you are a season ticket holder it's FREE with pass. Bikes are FREE too.
Tailgate starts at 2pm!

Join The Ultras, South Florida's premiere soccer supporters group in section 115. It's FREE but if you want to become an official member for ONLY $20! You get a scarf, T-shirt, Sticker and Ultras ID good for discounts at BC Taco (FREE Drink with purchase of meal at the Strikers Tailgates), Fritz & Franz 20% off at both locations (Fort Lauderdale and Coral Gables) After game party's will also be held at Fritz & Franz!
Plus discounts at Wecando Print, Mickey Byrne's Irish Pub in Hollywood, Soccer 5 at Kendall Soccer Park, Lion & Eagle Pub in Boca Raton and a few more to be named soon.
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Hans Wvolner Fluerbach said...

This is your old enemy Hans. You are still das judish priest. But since we both hassen edmonton then maybe we make love with eachother and not das war! and instead we round up all the Canadians we can see and put them all in a train to somewhere else city for koncentration? Anyway I see you and we make love at game but you are not welcome to Fritz and Franz because that is Hanz hangout, you go to get some jalapeno or wherever in Latin home Miami.

Hans Wvolner Fluerbach said...

Should be called Fritz and Hans from now on.

Burrito said...

Pinche Hans! Long time we no see! Burrito used to peepee on you when you sleeps in Orange Bowl! Pero where you homeless germens go? Now Fusion no more pero Burrito Strikers fan now and Strikers gonna makes Edmontons thier puta! You see!

Anonymous said...

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Pay per head bookie said...

well the animated cartoon South Park has been always been controversial for the topics and people they represent, and this is just another example of it

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