Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Burrito's new GF: Jessica Jones Strikers new spokesmodel!

Ay Chihuahua!
Burrito half new girlfriend Señores y Señoritas!
Her name is Jessica Rose Jones and she light Burrito's fire! Not only is she a mamacita but she also like Futbol! Talk about scoring a Goooool! She is the new Fort Lauderdale Strikers Spokesmodel! But enough bark... ummm talk! Burrito Leave you with pictures he steal from her twitter so you can see how bonita she is!
Vamos Strikers!
Jessica work part time in Ice Cream truck! Burrito bet she sell a lot!

Jessica rides motorcycles!

Jessica is a volunteer Firewoman!

She really like her whipping cream!

Hooray for Jessica!

Here she is in latest Strikers video! She will be doing a recap every week!

Be sure to follow her on Twitter:  @drjonesxxx
And check out her website for more pictures!


Hans Wvolner Fluerbach said...

sie liebt mich! This is Hans new girlfriend not yours, shut up Burrito ass

Burrito said...

She Muy caliente!
She too good for you Hans wheinner Fluffback! She Burrito's girl so keep dirty hands off pinche puto!

Pay per head bookmaking said...

wow wow wow, what a beautiful, hot and sexy girl!! Jessica Jones got what it takes to be a super spokesmodel for sure!