Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Miami Makes World Cup City Final Cut

We did it! Miami makes the final 18 cities that will host the World Cup games.
Also worth mentioning is the inclusion of Tampa. The other Florida cities, Jacksonville and WC94 host Orlando did not make the final cut.
Other cities eliminated are Chicago, Charlotte, Cleveland, Detroit, Oakland, St. Louis and San Francisco.

More on this at:Gousabid.comOchocinco supports Miami's World Cup bid!

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Anonymous said...

Great job Miami!!!! Now it's time to get to work and bring MLS to Miami.

paulsepp said...

With 85's support you guys are shoo in.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paulsepp your city didn't make it?

Paul said...

I am for MLS to Miami. I think you guys should get MLS. Make some noise.

Seattle said...

Hey!! Marcelo Claure It's time to bring MLS to Miami.