Saturday, January 9, 2010

Miami's World Cup bid needs your support as deadline approaches

It's come down to this folks... This coming Tuesday the US World Cup bid committee will cut down the list of Host cities from 27 cities down to 18. All this as the U.S. looks to get either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup.

Miami Fans have come out and supported this bid like never before and it is a good sign that almost 11,000 people have signed up already.
Miami is currently in 5th place. We need everyone to continue supporting this cause.

Here is the list of cities as of today:

Seattle 19280
Atlanta 14775
Houston 13001
Philadelphia 10847
Miami 10794
Kansas City 10726
Indianapolis 10668
Tampa 7799
Dallas 7723
Cleveland 7592
San Diego 5613
Jacksonville 5534
Charlotta 5291
Baltimore 5237
Orlando 5200
Boston 4901
Chicago 4848
New York/New Jersey 4764
Oakland 4452
Nashville 4404
Denver 3763
Washington DC 4145
St Louis 3700
Los Angeles 3326
Detroit 2008
San Francisco 1281
Phoenix 1178

It's apparent some cities have not campaigned as they must be assuming they are shoo-ins. Notable are the low numbers for major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York/New Jersey.

Miami fans were over looked in the last World Cup held in the U.S. when Florida was represented by Orlando. I remember driving up to see the games at the Citrus Bowl. We can see this time Miami Fans don't want to make the drive up as Miami is way ahead of the other Florida cities.
This is a sign that Miami does support Soccer, these same people should be the target of Miami FC and any Miami MLS bid. We ask these same people who support the Miami World Cup bid to join Miami Soccer Groups such as the Miami Ultras by going to their site to be updated on any soccer games and events that you can attend.

Join them at the following sites:
on Facebook: If you want professional Soccer in South Florida and want Major League Soccer back in this town then please support Miami FC.


Anonymous said...

Commissioner Garber and Mark Abbott are in town for the MLS Combine. Hey Garber Miami wants MLS.

Anonymous said...

according to a source on the U.S. World Cup bid committee, Miami will be one of the 18 cities named as a finalist to host games,