Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday Soccer Marathon in South Florida, USA ties and Miami FC wins!

It was a Soccer Marathon for South Florida Soccer fans. A few of the Ultras / Sam's Army Miami Brigade started off their day as early as 8 am at Fritz & Franz in Coral Gables. South Korea beat Greece 2-0, Argentina beat Nigeria 1-0 and the main event had USA take on England. Expectations were high to see what the USA could do. But it was England that started things off with a bang! Steven Gerard scored early making a few of the over 300 people at Fritz & Franz think the worst. A few thought it would be a blowout. Good thing we had English keeper Green on our side conceding a seamingly easy save and giving the USA a tie thanks to the efforts of Clint Dempsey. While at the watch party we were able to see Captain America and Uncle Sam! Check it out followed by the video of the goal that might just put the poor English keeper on the bench for the next game:

The perfect way to end a good soccer marathon is to watch live soccer. So the Ultras headed up North to Lockhart Stadium to witness Miami FC beat the MLS bound Portland Timbers 1-0 on a goal by Kyle Veris. To read more about the game go to
It was "Tie Night" at Lockhart as fans commemorated Miami FC's record breaking Tie streak (7 out of 10 games until tonight) . Fortunately for the team the players got the message and ensured the fans will not wear their ties again!
Here are some game night pictures:

Pictures by Robert Scorca


Jorge said...

MLS would bring the fans to the stadium.

Pedro said...

South Florida is hungry for a real pro soccer team. Its time for MLS to come to South Florida. Make some noise!!!