Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Watch Party at America's Backyard. Wednesday as Miami FC faces PR Islanders

Time to support your local team!
South Florida's only professional Soccer team Miami FC travels to Puerto Rico to take on the Islanders this Wednesday at 8 pm. As always the party is at America's Backyard located at 200 East Broward Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-1963 T:(954) 727-0950
What will we get for attending the watch party at Americas Backyard? You will get complimentary admission and a free drink ticket!
Can’t make the watch party? Miami FC will be streaming its game live on www.miamifc.com.(Remember to say you are there for the Miami FC game).

Here are some interesting facts going into the game:
Chris Gbandi will square off against his younger brother Sandi Gbandi who currently plays for the Puerto Rico Islanders… The clubs shares historical ties with Josh Sounders, Sean Cameron, Alen Marcina, Kyle Veris, Edwin Miranda, and Mevin Tarley… Kyle Veris played for Puerto Rico as recently as last year.
For a full review of the game visit www.miamifc.com

The Burrito poll's results are in!
Burrito, every-bodies favorite blogging soccer dog asked: Which is Hottererer?
Hot Shot (Miami FC Mascot) or Jessie (Miami FC Hottie) and the 52 people that voted gave Hot Shot only 14 (26%) while Jessie received 38 (73%). So there you have it, Jessie is hottererer then Hot Shot. Sorry Hot Shot.

Miami FC sites voice their opinions on the latest results.
Miami Soccer Fan's Juan Ruiz says:
We had barely made our ways back from outer space, when we were abruptly forced back into orbit and crash landed—o, so suddenly, to a place called RealityCheck.
read more HERE

Miami FC2's Victor Palkaninec says:
A Note to the players : if your reading this. There is no "I" in team. If you don't feel like playing or are not up to your part you should tell the coach. I can think of at least 2 players that should not have been on the field last night...
Read more HERE
The Blues have only won 1 game, tied 5 and lost 1 so far this season. Most games have been at home. Fans are a little upset. We have a good team on paper but they haven't meshed well so far.
Let's support our team at America's Backyard!
Vamos Miami!

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