Friday, June 4, 2010

Tino Asprilla in Kendall this Saturday! Tampa Bay mascot is a sock? Miami FC news and more...

Faustino Asprilla, a former Colombian National Team player who participated on various teams throughout Europe, South America and 2 world Cups will be in town this weekend and you can meet him!
T-Mobile will host a series of retail events where soccer fans can come together and celebrate with other "fanáticos" at select T-Mobile retail locations in five U.S. cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, New York, and Dallas. Fans in Miami will have the opportunity to meet former Colombian National Team player Faustino Asprilla on Saturday, June 5th.
WHERE: T-Mobile Retail Store
9720 Kendall Dr.
Miami, FL 33156
WHEN: Saturday, June 5th
12 – 4pm
Be sure to get there early and enter a chance to win one of 2,010 soccer-themed prizes as well as a grand prize of $25,000, from May 19th through July 11th.

Tampa's Mascot a Sock?
Miami FC fans pretty much enjoy poking fun at anything that has to do with the Tampa Bay Rowdies and here is yet another reason...
While even Blues fans must admit the ownership group up in Tampa is top notch, their decision to create a mascot out of a sock is probably one of their few flaws this season.
Check out the picture folks!
A Contest to name the sock.... I mean, mascot, is underway and you can participate by going to this link

Blues lose in Puerto Rico
Yup, Miami FC fell and boy did they fall hard in Puerto Rico this past Wednesday! The score ended 4-2 in favor of the Islanders. Our goals were scored by Christian Gomez and Brian Shriver. Be sure to check out what the Ultras had to say about the game over at Miami Soccer Fan or read the actual Miami FC site
Blues fans will need to get ready for another game this coming Sunday June 06
2:00 PM when Miami FC plays the Montreal Impact up at Saputo Stadium. You can watch that game online at

As we head into the final week before the beginning of the World Cup in South Africa, the USA had a big scare forward Jozy Altidore injured his ankle in training Wednesday and was forced to sit out practice on Thursday.

Read more at the Miami Herald

Talk about the World Cup check out what the South Florida "Football Fanaticos" (SF3s) predictions for the World Cup!
The first round looks very exciting!
First round:
Group A: It will be very very close among France, Mexico and Uruguay. France and Mexico will advance narrowly.
Read more HERE


Anonymous said...

Going to get Asprilla to sign my Colombia jersey!

Anonymous said...

A sock? Tampa has a sock for a mascot? Wow that sucks!

Anonymous said...

Tampa has 2 chants, "Empty your cock in the sock" and "Unload your bags in the rag"

Anonymous said...

So Tampa has two chants, "Unload your bags in the rag" and "Empty your cock in the sock"

Anonymous said...

Oh damn, I'm so disappointed that I'm a Tampa fan and not a Miami fan. We get a sock, you get an organization that is running itself into the ground.

Anonymous said...

lol @ the Mob having 2 chants. Too bad there is just about nothing a Miami fan can say to try and trash Tampa that makes any sense.

With league worst attendance, a god awful supporter club and a mediocre team I can't figure where any Miami fan has room at all to talk.

Not even about our stupid sock.