Saturday, September 18, 2010

Miami FC beats first place Rhino's in Rochester!

The Blues have turned up the heat as we approach the final 3 games of the season. Last night Miami FC beat first place Rochester Rhino's 2-1 in front of a stunned crowd at the Marina Auto Stadium.

Miami FC looked good on the field and dominated the play for many minutes throughout the game. The Blues were down thanks to a Anthony Hamilton header in the 10th minute but soon after Danilio Martins equalized for Miami. In the 24th minute Abe Thompson scored what was to be the game winner. Abe also provided the assist on the first goal and is now the second highest scorer on the team. This victory puts Miami ahead of Baltimore and ties them with AC St. Louis.

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Miami FC Lineup: Glaeser,Lancaster, Rodrigues, Hohlbein, Randolph, Celestino, Gomez, Mayen, Shriver, Martins & Thompson

Rhinos Lineup: Vallow, Greenfield, Sanfillippo, Bellamy, Roberts, Rosenlund, Pitchkolan, Motagalvan, Hamilton, Spicer & Hoxie

There are 3 games remaining in the season and we need to support our team! Vamos Miami! Let's go Blues!
Abe Thompson picture by Robert Scorca

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All great but its not MLS.