Monday, September 27, 2010

Miami FC defeats Rhinos thanks to last minute Christian Gomez goal (pictures and video)

This past Saturday Miami FC defeated the Rochester Rhinos 1-0 in injury time thanks to a Christian Gomez header. The Blues had dominated the game for most of the match clearly outmatching the Rhinos. With the loss Rochester went down to second place, while Miami secured its 4th win in a row. This game took place at Fort Lauderdale Stadium.

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Following are pictures by Robert Scorca and Uncle Ed .
Videos by Uncle Ed


Anonymous said...

Uncle Ed MLS would fill the stadium. We need to work on bringing MLS here.

Anonymous said...

No doubt MLS will fill the stands. Whomever decides to finance the team, better do a better job than Traffic has done with Miami FC. And if for some reason Traffic gets their shit together to run an MLS team, they better not fuck us over.

Anonymous said...

Traffic can't do it right with a D-2 team what make you think they can run a MLS club.

Anonymous said...

MLS will and is the best we have in the USA. We want it here in south Florida.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how I can reach Chris Gbanid?

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