Friday, September 10, 2010

Soccer fight, Miami FC vs Montreal and Burrito now father of 78 pups

Hola Amigos! Burrito no write nothing in awhiles cause he become fathers of more pups which make Burrito father to 78 pups in 12 years of doggie style existence! Not bad, don't you hommies thinks?

Anyways, the bitches name is 'Princess' and she one mean chihuahua! She not happy cause Burrito no call her since we makes pups! She even bite Burrito's tail!

So, to conmemorates birth of Pups here is video of fight that take place in Singapore. Si, believe or not they play futbol in Singapores too!

This crazy fight involve players, trainers and fans! Leaving 2 players in hospital and involving 184 police inspectors to investigates. The game was between the Young Lions vs Beijing Guoans. (No idea what a Guoans is...)

By the ways, Burrito pups all macho like their papi so Burrito name pups after Miami FC players. First is Gomito (He the oldest), then there is Chucky (he hump everything!), Gbandi (He sit when he use bathroom...), Lancaster (the meanest, stuck in oral stage, bites everything) and the runts name is Caleb (He fart too much!). Burrito proud of his pups!

Don't forgets Miami FC faces the Montreal Impact this Saturday September 11th at 7:30 PM at Lockhart Stadium! Go early for tailgate fun starting at 5 pm and Support your Miami FC Blues! Vamos Miami!


Anonymous said...

Hey Burrito, you sure your puppy named Gbandi is not a female pup? Sitting while peeing not a good sign.

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