Monday, February 14, 2011

South Florida Soccer News: Marine Stadium, NASL, Strikers, MLS and more.

Happy Valentines Day! This week's South Florida Soccer news starts with the Strikers Name Announcement event which is this coming Thursday, February 17th at 5:00 PM. It's going to be on Fort Lauderdale Beach at Las Olas and A1A. Be sure to wear Strikers colors, Ultras scarves and be ready to cheer! Let's go Strikers!
See the attached flyer for more info. NASL
In case you didn't hear about it the USSF has granted provisional division 2 status to the NASL for 2011. After years and years of letting USL run division 2 at their whim, now, USSF decides they will impose tough standards. Meanwhile, USL still claims they are division 2 without meeting the standards... You want to hear a sad display of hate? Listen to this podcast from a Rhino's/USL fan boy. Funny, because most people I know in Rochester hate the idea that they will be playing Div 3 this year. I don't think this guy speaks for the the average Joe fan. My take is that we can't take sides in this issue, we need MLS, USL and NASL to work together for the sake of U.S. Soccer.
The USSF will have a teleconference today at 1 pm. We will keep you updated.

Alex Pineda Chacon was mentioned at the MLS site in their section "What Ever Happened To:". As most of you in South Florida may remember Pineda Chacon had a wonderful year in 2001 with the Fusion where he guided the team to the best record in the league winning the Supporters Shield while registering 19 goals and 9 assists for the team (leading the league in goals and points)and was recognized with the MLS MVP Award.
Today Alex is an assistant coach with NASL side Atlanta Silverbacks.
“Ray Hudson told me, ‘Alex, you wait on the bench, see what the level is and then maybe you can jump in [later in the game],” he remembered.
With 17 minutes left and the Fusion down 1-0, Hudson called him over.
“My heart was beating so hard, you know?” he said. “But I asked, ‘Any specific information?’ Hudson just said, ‘Alex: Enjoy it. Jump in and enjoy.’”
Boy did he ever.
Read more HERE
Following is a video of his Hat Trick against DC United in 2001:
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Miami Marine Stadium
NBC Miami has a little piece about the Miami Marine Stadium and a contest they have for the design of a floating stage. They mention Football in Miami and Beyond and a piece that was made a few months back concerning an idea to put a floating soccer field at the site for a possible Major League Soccer team in Miami. You can also see the picture designed by Miami Ultras member Derek Reese. We encourage people to go ahead and submit their stage designs to this noble cause and why not? Submit a stadium design too! For more information about the stadium visit and support the Friends of Miami Marine Stadium

The Art of Diving
Yes, Diving has become part of the beautiful game. It seems some players should be acting in Hollywood as their performances are so believable that sometimes you need to go back and put it in slow motion to see that there really was no contact. I feel bad for the referees that make the calls. Here is a site that specializes in "The Dive" called the Diving Board.
Check out this terrible dive:


Anonymous said...

NASL/Traffic Sports are no good MLS all the way.

Anonymous said...

MLS all the way?

Sounds good to me. Support the Strikers if you want MLS. Don't support them if you don't.

Anonymous said...

Traffic Sports will ruin Strikers the way they did Miami FC. Lockhart Stadium will have 200 fans and 20,000 empty seats. Ultras, be suckers and go. You will be the only ones. Traffic no good for soccer in south florida.

Southern Legion said...

I say, make the best of it, Eff it, if you can't beat'em Join'em... Strikers is the only thing we have, so lets just go out there and support the team, I know its a big feat, but I want the main focus of the team to be to get to the Concacaf Champions League, and get some brownie points for MLS Investors... I'll be at some games... South Floirda United, Southern Legion is in!!! I just want a Strikers Shirt with 305, on it. Maybe we can make some with other area codes as well... Go Strikers!!

Anonymous said...

Don't support the strikers how do you expect MLS to take interest. Tampa Bay already has miami beat with MLS interest. Put your butts in the seat and help MLS see Dollar signs with Miami.

Antique said...

OK, Southern Legion, welcome aboard! I'm going take you at you word and just fake it. If you want them there are Retro Strikers jerseys at World Soccer Shop dot com for $59.99. We'll see what is offered at Lockhart during the season.

Join us at Section 120. I think you've been there before & note that the SF United T-shirt has all 3 main phone codes on it. Maybe some sort of guidon for each group with the appropriate number on it?

Whatever seems to work and gets enough folks at Lockhart to get Garber's attention.

Gotta go. Baby is hungry.

Anique said...

"Take you at your word & hope you are not faking it" is what I intended to say.

Anonymous said...

NASL is a joke don’t fall for it. Traffic sports/ Aaron Davidson will take you down. Soccer will not improve with Traffic sports in the way.

Uncle Ed said...

The Strikers is all we have. You should support them. MLS Commissioner Garber told us we need to support our local team. It's the only way we can attract investors who will want to bring MLS.
BTW, The Strikers have already sold 4 times the season tickets they did last year and a section is almost sold out.
With the NASL getting sanctioned as D2 I'm being told they are going to go all out in the next few weeks increasing as the beginning of the season gets here. Let's see what happens.

Anonymous said...

NASL and Aaron Davidson are a joke. 6-5 vote not impressive.

Anonymous said...

The Ultras are Aarons puppets.

Just(in) a soccer fan said...

Southern Legion! Nice glad to have you with South Florida United! 305! Maybe we can get a version if that shirt on zazzle. Anonymous has just so much negative energy. Can't wait to make you stick your foot in your mouth. Strikers will be in the Champions League just like mentioned earlier. Great piece Ed!

Antique said...

We're Traffic's Puppets? That is funny. Pieter's puppets. Yeah, that's us all right...LOL

Also, 6-5 for is better than it's opposite. We'll take it & run with it until next year. For better or worse NASL is Div II for 2011. Now it's up to us to make it work. You dumbo's can help us if you wish. If you don't wish to, please step aside so the NASL steamroller doesn't turn you into pancaked roadkill.

Anonymous said...

Antique DO YOU HAVE SEASON TICKETS? I bet you don’t. NASL is a joke of a league it will bring down soccer in South Florida.

Anonymous said...

What a joke...NASL. Traffic& Davidson will bring the NASL down.

Anonymous said...

Some see Traffic’s increasing involvement as a cause for concern. The main business of its Brazilian-based parent company is buying and selling talented players at a profit, which thus far has meant acquiring young South Americans and peddling them to European clubs with an eye towards substantial transfer fees.

Traffic owns a lower-division club in Portugal to help with this process and NASL’s survival probably gives them more options for identifying and showcasing talent.

Antique said...

I just noticed the question about season tickets. Yes, I spent my $99 to support the team. As of now 5 times as many season tickets have been sold as compared to all of last year. The interest is obvious. Unless you are a member of the southern platoon.

Pay per head bookie said...

I remember that once I went to the Marine Stadium and I was in awe at the stadium, I really liked it and I had a good time