Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Barcelona vs Chivas in Miami August 3, 2011

We have just confirmed via Jorge Ramos y Su Banda ESPN Radio that Barcelona will play Chivas in Miami on August 3, 2011.
The rumor had been that Barcelona would meet AC Milan, but it turns out that announcement was premature. No deal was made so instead it will be Mexico's most followed team against European giant FC Barcelona.
You can see further proof on their Facebook page:
We will update as soon as we get ticket information.
If you want further information you can join the event on Facebook

Please note there has been no official announcement.  

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Carlos said...

Guys this is going to be HUGE for those of us who wish to see an MLS frachise back in Miami/SoFla.
Most importantly, I want to be a credentialled photographer for this game. Contact me via @elotrochele asap. I have a Nikkon D2X that is just sitting there. Let's get FMB some cool game images. Hurry.

Antique said...

This is a must see not only from an MLS bid point of view, but strictly from a fan's perspective you can not pass up a chance to see Barca! Ever!

Where are they going to play? FIU? Lockhart? Dolphin Stadium (or whatever it's name is now)? Please let us know where as soon as the info is available. And ticket prices, too.

Where ever it's played, whatever the price this is a must see!

Anonymous said...

The game is being played at Sun Life Stadium. It's an 8pm game on 8/3, and I can't wait! I called for tickets and was told that the phone is going crazy with people wanting seats.

Anonymous said...