Friday, April 1, 2011

Miami Ultras member quits and becomes Cosmos fan.

Hola Amigos, Burrito here to report bad news.
Today Miami Ultras member Mitchell Rivera announced that he has quit his membership and position ( what was his postion anyway????) at the Miami Ultras and that he taking his talents back to the N-Y-C. this has shocked all five members of the Ultras. Mitch said:
"I m sick and tired of showing up on time while everyone shows up 3 hours later".
Pieter Brown president of the Ultras called in an emergency meeting at 2 am, howevers everyone showed up 6am. Everyone (The four that showed up) was trying to convince Mitchell, who by that time was asleep, to stay with the Miami Ultras. After 30 seconds of yelling back and forth. A full melee almost broke out, but Kyle "Train Wreck" Kaly stepped in to keep the peace, in a strange turn of events he got red carded by Hotshot. Mitch stormed out screaming "South Florida Divided"!

After the meeting Derek Reese left to Bermunda on Jet Blue Flight 19 (coincidence ain't it?) his current whereabout are unknown...

Burrito was able to get a phone interview with Mitchell's girlfriend Jane Shpiner who said in Russian:
" его любовь к футболу является сумасшедшим действиеm"
Sorry guys u have to translate that one on, and then told Burrito to sit and roll over, but gave no snack!
Mitch has not answered his phone since.


Anonymous said...

You guys really need MLS.

Pabony said...

florida will forever be a haven for fair weather fans. this sucks

Alan G said...

I laughed so hard when I read this (last week, I'm just commenting late hehe)