Monday, April 11, 2011

Strikers vs FC Edmonton pictures and Miami Ultras Alive tonight at 11pm.

First off we want to get the word out to South Florida Soccer fans that Miami Ultras President and founder Pieter Brown kicks off the first ever "Miami Ultras Alive" show on blog talk radio.
It starts tonight Monday April 11 at 11 pm. Be sure to sign up and get on the chat or call up if you want to contribute to the discussion.

Fort Lauderdale Strikers
The Strikers may have lost their first game versus FC Edmonton but the crowd came out in numbers!
Check out the pictures I was able to take with my phone (I forgot my camera in the car).
Below the pictures you will find links to everything covering the Strikers.

Sun Sentinel
Miami Herald Pictures and comments by the team.
Miami Soccer Fan Comments by Ultra Juan Ruiz and pictures by Pieter Brown
The Pursuit of Victory "The Strikers Strike Back" by Joe Curtis
Flight 19 Derek Reese talks about the game. Victor Palkaninec's great pictures.
Don't forget to check up on your points earned at the new NASL game and follow them on:
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Anonymous said...

The real fans want MLS not this garbage. Don't support the Strikers or you'll never see MLS.

F19 said...

The soccer REAL fans in South Florida showed up to see the Strikers.

The FAKE soccer fans sit around and bitch about how they want MLS. Unless you have a stadium and a check for $50 million, the only way you can help bring MLS back is supporting the Strikers.

MLS is in Portland, Vancouver and Montréal because people supported their local D2 sides in those markets. The Strikers posted a FRANCHISE RECORD crowd Saturday night. Better than ANY Miami FC crowd. That's the most positive message this market has sent MLS is a long time. If we keep it up, MLS will be back before you know it.

If you boycott local soccer you're only working against the cause you supposedly support.

price per head said...

wow those beautiful and hot girls go always with you to the matches?? I have seen them in some pictures you have posted -I'm not complaining at all- I would love to go with them too :D