Thursday, September 22, 2011

Martyn Lancaster named 2011 player of the year by the fans. Strikers tie Atlanta.

The Strikers could have wrapped up the game versus the Atlanta Silverbacks in the first 45 minutes of their game this past Saturday at Lockhart stadium. They had a myriad of shots and chances, yet their lousy aim thwarted each effort. The second half was a whole different story as Atlanta nearly beat the Strikers with a 90th minute goal. Over 4600 people showed up to see lady luck and father time on our side as the Strikers tied it in stoppage time! Brian Shriver has been on fire as of late with his brilliant playing and now stands along with Eduardo "Chacho" Coudet as the teams scoring leaders with 6 goal this season.
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Martyn Lancaster named 2011 player of the year
Fort Lauderdale Strikers Defender Martyn Lancaster was elected by the Miami Ultras Supporters group and the fans as the 2011 player of the year during the Strikers vs Atlanta game.
Martyn has played the most minutes for the team this year, scoring a goal and leading by example. Perhaps Martyn's edge on the other players is the fact that he was always accesible to the fans. Every game, win or lose he would come out to meet the fans in the parking lot for a few minutes. While other players started to do this as well, it was Martyn who was the pioneer, so to speak, since last year.
Congrats to a true hero, who bleed Fort lauderdale Strikers Red and Gold. 'Sir' Martyn Lancaster 2011 Ultras player of the year!
here is a video of Ultras President Pieter Brown awarding the glorified Ultras Beer mug:

Following are pictures and videos taken during the final home game of the regular
season between the Atlanta Silverbacks and the Fort Lauderdale Strikers:
Supporters chanting the Red & Gold.

Eduardo 'Chacho' Coudet takes a corner kick.

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Pictures by Victor Palkaninec and Uncle Ed
Videos by Uncle Ed
For more great pictures visit Victor's site:

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