Thursday, September 15, 2011

Veronica Paysse on ESPN Deportes Miami 1210 AM

Si, Burrito's new girlfriend, Veronica Paysse is now on the radio! You never heard of her? Well, Burrito's love affair with her began many a futbol years ago.
In 2001 The Miami Fusion was shut down. Burrito's heart was broken and Burrito swear he would never see another MLS game again. EVERS!

Pero, one day when Uncle Ed was changing channels, and as Burrito was chewing on a bone, there, there, out of the corner of Burrito's eye he see a real mamacita! (Pardon the French). In 2002 the only thing that make Burrito watch MLS was Veronica.

But all good things come to an end. Veronica moved on to another TV channel and so Burrito again told MLS to go to hell! Si, again they brake Burrito's heart.But just the other day, as usual, when Uncle Ed go to work he leave radio on for Burrito to listen to and this time he leave it on 1210 AM. Burrito hear her voice and is now addicted.
You too should listen to ESPN Deportes Miami 1210 AM every morning from 9am to 12pm. It's in Spanish!
You can also follow Veronica Paysse on twitter: @VPMIA
The shows Twitter is: @ESPNDeportesMia
Pictures taken from Veronica's twitter and the internet.

About Burrito:
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Anonymous said...

I always wondered what happened to her.
Too bad its not in English.

Anonymous said...

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sportsbook mobile app said...

oh that Veronica Paysse in my opinion is so hoooot!! I did not miss that EPSN Deported Miami show at a 1210 am, I had to see her!