Monday, September 26, 2011

Strikers lose in Tampa but get ready for playoffs. Want to be Rowdies have unoriginal TIFO.

Strikers fans made the trip to St Pete to support their team only to be disappointed by a 2-0 loss. The Strikers played well, dominating certain moments of the game but the turning point was the red card given to Cristian Arrieta. It was enough to change the tide and give Tampa an advantage that proved too much for the Red & Gold.

Tampa supporters continue to use the Rowdies name in vain so the Striker fans came up with the TIFO in the picture to the right to remind them that they are not the Rowdies.

You can also see the video:

Unoriginal Tampa Fans
One of the things that was brought to our attention while we were in Tampa was the TIFO made by Ralph's Mob. They are so unoriginal that they copied a TIFO made by the Timbers Army!
Check out the comparison and you be the judge:

read more about the road trip to St. Pete here:

Following are pictures of the road trip:

The Fort Lauderdale Strikers are in the playoffs! Don't forget to come out to Lockhart Stadium on Oct 1 as the Strikers play Edmonton at 7:30 PM! Let's fill the stadium and support our players as they look for the NASL championship!
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Be sure to join the supporters groups in the tailgate. Tons of fun before the game starting at 4 pm!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a crappy TIFO the Tampa Fans made!

Rev Tony Turner said...

sendng off very harsh.1st goal was totally offside not even close Now I have had a chance to watch the full video highlight not the super short Tampa Bay first put up.

Anonymous said...

True that Rev Tony! Total offside, bad Reffs in NASL strike again.
We had a good game till the Red card.

TimbersArmy Capo said...

why do you capitalize "tifo?" Florida is odd.

Anonymous said...

LMAO who cares if it's capitalized or not?
Tampons are unoriginal that's all that matters!

sean said...

This is really a useful blog made us aware that strikers lost in Tampa.

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