Thursday, September 29, 2011

Strikers playoff game this Saturday! 2012 season tickets special ends soon get them today!

South Florida Soccer fans need to get out to Lockhart Stadium this Saturday October 1, 2011 for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers playoff game versus FC Edmonton. Game starts at 7:30 pm and tickets are now available at You can also get them game day at the box office. Come out and support the Strikers as they make their NASL Championship run!
Tailgate will feature Food trucks and the supporters will be there at the tailgate as early as 3PM. Just look for all the tents! Get there early!

Don't forget to get your Strikers 2012 season tickets! The last day for the super saver is this Friday September 30, 2011. If you are part of the supporters group you also get special benefits. Check out the flyer below!

We hope to see everyone at Lockhart Stadium this Saturday! Vamos Strikers!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Strikers lose in Tampa but get ready for playoffs. Want to be Rowdies have unoriginal TIFO.

Strikers fans made the trip to St Pete to support their team only to be disappointed by a 2-0 loss. The Strikers played well, dominating certain moments of the game but the turning point was the red card given to Cristian Arrieta. It was enough to change the tide and give Tampa an advantage that proved too much for the Red & Gold.

Tampa supporters continue to use the Rowdies name in vain so the Striker fans came up with the TIFO in the picture to the right to remind them that they are not the Rowdies.

You can also see the video:

Unoriginal Tampa Fans
One of the things that was brought to our attention while we were in Tampa was the TIFO made by Ralph's Mob. They are so unoriginal that they copied a TIFO made by the Timbers Army!
Check out the comparison and you be the judge:

read more about the road trip to St. Pete here:

Following are pictures of the road trip:

The Fort Lauderdale Strikers are in the playoffs! Don't forget to come out to Lockhart Stadium on Oct 1 as the Strikers play Edmonton at 7:30 PM! Let's fill the stadium and support our players as they look for the NASL championship!
Buy your tickets at
Be sure to join the supporters groups in the tailgate. Tons of fun before the game starting at 4 pm!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Martyn Lancaster named 2011 player of the year by the fans. Strikers tie Atlanta.

The Strikers could have wrapped up the game versus the Atlanta Silverbacks in the first 45 minutes of their game this past Saturday at Lockhart stadium. They had a myriad of shots and chances, yet their lousy aim thwarted each effort. The second half was a whole different story as Atlanta nearly beat the Strikers with a 90th minute goal. Over 4600 people showed up to see lady luck and father time on our side as the Strikers tied it in stoppage time! Brian Shriver has been on fire as of late with his brilliant playing and now stands along with Eduardo "Chacho" Coudet as the teams scoring leaders with 6 goal this season.
Read more about the game at

Martyn Lancaster named 2011 player of the year
Fort Lauderdale Strikers Defender Martyn Lancaster was elected by the Miami Ultras Supporters group and the fans as the 2011 player of the year during the Strikers vs Atlanta game.
Martyn has played the most minutes for the team this year, scoring a goal and leading by example. Perhaps Martyn's edge on the other players is the fact that he was always accesible to the fans. Every game, win or lose he would come out to meet the fans in the parking lot for a few minutes. While other players started to do this as well, it was Martyn who was the pioneer, so to speak, since last year.
Congrats to a true hero, who bleed Fort lauderdale Strikers Red and Gold. 'Sir' Martyn Lancaster 2011 Ultras player of the year!
here is a video of Ultras President Pieter Brown awarding the glorified Ultras Beer mug:

Following are pictures and videos taken during the final home game of the regular
season between the Atlanta Silverbacks and the Fort Lauderdale Strikers:
Supporters chanting the Red & Gold.

Eduardo 'Chacho' Coudet takes a corner kick.

Be sure to buy your Strikers playoffs game tickets at The game will be October 1st at 7:30 pm with a team yet to be determined.
Buy them now!
Pictures by Victor Palkaninec and Uncle Ed
Videos by Uncle Ed
For more great pictures visit Victor's site:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Strikers make playoffs but look for more this Saturday versus Atlanta.

It's the last regular home game of the season for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. They've already clinched the playoffs but could secure a home playoff game and possibly 3rd place in the next 2 games. If the Strikers win this Saturday they secure the home game. But the following Saturday the last game of the season will be against rival Tampa.
The Rowdies have already won the series against the Strikers and for the second season in a row have kept the Coastal Cup (Disputed between both Florida teams). But, the Strikers could finish the season ahead of Tampa in the standings in 3rd place (Carolina Railhawks and Puerto Rico Islanders have already secured 1st and 2nd). It's all about bragging rights at this point.

Atlanta comes to the Mecca (Lockhart Stadium) with nothing to win as they are already eliminated from the playoffs. The pressure is on the Strikers to secure their place at the top half of the standings and they'll want to do it in front of their fans. A win could, without doubt, bring a large crowd to the stadium and much needed boost to the team who has not made the playoffs since it's inaugural season when they were called Miami FC.

The Miami Ultras supporters group will also be giving out the 2011 Fort Lauderdale Strikers player of the year award. look for that right before the game!

Be sure to come out and support the Strikers this Saturday at 7:30 PM. Join the supporters Miami Ultras, Flight 19, etc at 4PM  for the tailgate. You can also enjoy the Miami Food Trucks!

Supporters season tickets are already on sale. It's $99 for the whole 2012 season, a bargain, and the best deal in town! Plus all sorts of goodies! Check out the flyer:

Be sure to join the SFU Tampa Road Trip which is the LAST GAME OF THE 2011 SEASON!
Next Saturday, September 24, 2011
Here is the schedule:
1 Day Trip... Fort Lauderdale Strikers - FC Tampa Game Ticket
Transportation to and from St. Petersburg (1, 2, or 3 12 Passenger Vans)
Roughly $40 Per Person (Gas Included)
Come by the tailgate during Saturday's game and ask for Derek or Zach.
For more info go HERE

Talk about supporters you can still get the Ultras Fort Lauderdale Strikers scarf for only $20. Very few are left so hurry. Look for Pieter Brown or Uncle Ed at the tailgate or email us
All proceeds go back to the Ultras and help us support the Miami Ultras Alive radio show and other group events.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Veronica Paysse on ESPN Deportes Miami 1210 AM

Si, Burrito's new girlfriend, Veronica Paysse is now on the radio! You never heard of her? Well, Burrito's love affair with her began many a futbol years ago.
In 2001 The Miami Fusion was shut down. Burrito's heart was broken and Burrito swear he would never see another MLS game again. EVERS!

Pero, one day when Uncle Ed was changing channels, and as Burrito was chewing on a bone, there, there, out of the corner of Burrito's eye he see a real mamacita! (Pardon the French). In 2002 the only thing that make Burrito watch MLS was Veronica.

But all good things come to an end. Veronica moved on to another TV channel and so Burrito again told MLS to go to hell! Si, again they brake Burrito's heart.But just the other day, as usual, when Uncle Ed go to work he leave radio on for Burrito to listen to and this time he leave it on 1210 AM. Burrito hear her voice and is now addicted.
You too should listen to ESPN Deportes Miami 1210 AM every morning from 9am to 12pm. It's in Spanish!
You can also follow Veronica Paysse on twitter: @VPMIA
The shows Twitter is: @ESPNDeportesMia
Pictures taken from Veronica's twitter and the internet.

About Burrito:
Burrito is the only soccer blogging dawg in the known universe! Since 1998! Join Burrito's twitter or he hit you on head with quesadilla! @Burritofutbol Burrito want MLS in Miami! Help us bring a team to South Florida.
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