Thursday, November 11, 2010

NASL AGM 2011 press release.

As we reported Tuesday, many teams and groups attended the NASL AGM including a representative from Austin.

Today the NASL will sent out a press release confirming they have applied for Division 2 status with 8 teams. The USSF should have an answer during the weekend of MLS Cup.

The teams that will play in Division 2 next year will be:
Puerto Rico Islanders, Carolina RailHawks, Montreal Impact, Miami FC Blues, FC Tampa Bay, FC Edmonton, Atlanta and the NSC Minnesota Stars

For the full press release go HERE

Look for a late St Louis addition to the list for 2011 and San Antonio and Baltimore for 2012. Could Austin make it in 2012?

Rumored future teams include San Diego, Phoenix, Hamilton Canada.


Anonymous said...

Screw NASL. We want MLS here in South Florida!

Ultra said...

Well Mr. Anonymous, that kind of attitude will only hurt our chances to see MLS return. NASL is not going to prevent MLS from coming back to South Florida. If anything, by supporting the local pro team we have now it will make South Florida more enticing to MLS investors.

If you don't want to support NASL or the Strikers, fine. But don't sit there and openly bash local soccer, because all your doing is making us all look bad and hurting your own cause.

Anonymous said...

here, here! An Ultra who speaks some sense! Support your local soccer team. It really doesn't get any more complicated than that. Help prove soccer is a worthy investment for your city.

really, all of the boo hoo'ing and crying for MLS was old months and months ago.

Anonymous said...

Any word on the USL Pro team coming to Fort Lauderdale? I saw an article on Inside Minnesota Soccer about it.

Uncle Ed said...

Yes, looks like its going to happen one way or another.
We will write about the USL pro team soon.

Gantry York said...

It's not Phoenix.

Phoenix has two efforts to bring pro soccer to Phoenix:

Phoenix Pro Soccer - These guys have not submitted a bid and did not attend the NASL AGM.

Phoenix Monsoon - These guys seem to be trying to form a western conference in the USL Pro

Anonymous said...

Rochester commentators are having sour grapes don't want NASL to survive:

4:18 on soccersam show.

someone needs to call them out, this is getting ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Traffic Sports sucks!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

Traffic + NASL = no MLS

Anonymous said...

Please tell Garber to stop NASL sanctioning because we want MLS in South Florida.